Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beauty Everywhere

Against the Storm by Jude McConkey
It's been a tough winter for most of the country this year.
When it gets to be this time of the season, where many people's attitudes have hardened and soured even deeper then usual, its important become even more aware of ourselves.  When you feel yourself wading into that pool of  funk, try and step back... realize what you're doing, and adjust your perspective so it doesn't bleed over onto other people's lives and environment.
Try being nice...or, just be quiet.

The following passage is taken from the book "The Tao of Joy Everyday" by Derek Lin
Wise words ~

Beauty Everywhere

One powerful effect of Tao cultivation is that, more and more, you are able to look at everything through the eyes of the Tao.  When this happens, you will suddenly see much more that is good, and present everywhere you look.

Those who have experienced this know that it can be an overwhelming in a positive way.  It is not about thinks like the sunset or a rainbow that are already considered beautiful by everyone.  It is about tremendous beauty in the most commonplace and ordinary places.  Look at the crinkle of someone's smiling eyes.  Look at the fascinating patterns in the clouds.  Look at the symmetrical design in a leaf.  There is so much beauty in existence that no human mind can possibly contain it all.

There is something behind all this.  We can never see it, but if we close our eyes, we can sense its presence.  We can never hear it, but if we remain quiet, its whispers will resonate silently.  It is telling us without words that everything is exactly as it should be, and the beauty we see is the reflection of the beauty within all of us.

Look for goodness and beauty and you will find them.  Negative feelings like anger and resentment will recede.  When you are immersed in all that is good and beautiful, you cannot feel angry or resentful.  There will be no room in your heart for such feelings, for it will be filled to the brim with joy and gratitude.

The stunning photograph "Against the Storm" is by photographer Jude McConkey
It is available through her shop on Etsy.

Derek Lin's "The Tao of Joy Every Day" is available through Amazon.

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