Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

Chinese astrology is considered to be one of the world's oldest forms of Astrology.  Unlike the other Moon-school traditions; Tibetan, Vedic and Judaic, which are couched in religion, Chinese astrology is purely secular, a direction shared by Sun-school astrologies (Western and Arabian).

Ming Shu (Circle of Animals), is just one form of Chinese astrology, but it seems to be the one that is most commonly recognized by westerners.  This system is what Sun signs are to Western astrology, meaning, you only have to know the year of your birth to create a general personality profile.  Like all of the world's major astrological traditions however, a person's time, date and place of birth are essential to create an accurate, true birth chart.

2017 is the year of the fire Rooster (chi'), and people born between January 31, 1957 and February 17, 1958 are members of the Fire Rooster Zodiac Sign.

Although there are general behavioral patterns associated with the Rooster (chi') sign, the delineation is further augmented according to which element (earth, metal, fire, water, wood) happens to be in control the year that you are born.  For example, the personality of a fire Rooster is different from that of a wood Rooster etc.  So, just because you are a Rooster (chi') in Chinese astrology does not mean that this is your year.

In general, the Rooster (chi') is very intelligent and honest.  They also possess an excellent memory.
He or she can be quite a showman with much vanity, and possesses remarkable candor.  This person can also place too much emphasis on the trees, instead of the forest so to speak.

The fire Rooster is a highly motivated, single minded person.  They can become almost fanatical when it comes to investigation and details.  This can cause problems with coworkers who do not have the same work ethic or are not very conscientious about their work and work habits.

Although in 2017 fire Roosters will have to work hard and be patient to achieve their goals, they will also experience a surge of productive energy in order to do so.  Expect a lot of mental activity.

2017 is Yin year and will be ruled by the fire element.  The fire element is a boiling, hot force that rises upward.  Although a fire element person is enlightened and possesses much wisdom, they can also have an emotional state that is volatile.  A fire element person possesses natural leadership qualities.  they are also highly motivated and optimistic. 

The color for 2017 is red, although it is not advised to wear things that are red.  Instead, concentrate on colors that complement red or calm red.

*Information for this post was taken from Miller and Brown's "The Complete Astrological Handbook for the Twenty-first Century"; Understanding and Combining the Wisdom of Chinese, Tibetan, Vedic, Arabian, Judaic, and Western Astrology.  Also, Qi Journal.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Be A Bright Light

 The soul chooses where and went to incarnate.  
To learn lessons and 
work through challenging situations so it can evolve.
  It's important to keep that in mind during the upcoming years. chose to be here AND it's for a reason.
Do your best.
Be kind, learn from your mistakes, and keep going forward.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Candle Sculpture

I decided to resurrect my candle sculpture today.  I was putting Christmas decorations away,
went to move the sculpture, and decided that it not
only deserved to be lit up on a more regular basis, but needed 
a little TLC as well.

The candle sculpture has to be at least 15 years old, if not older.
I was in a coffee bar long ago and saw the coolest
candle sculpture perched on the side of the bar.
Wax had dripped down everywhere.  Down the books, down the
side of the bar and on to the floor.  It was totally inspiring!

Over the years when people have seen the candle sculpture in our home,
their responses vary and are often pretty amusing.
The creative/art people will simply say its really cool and 
look at the sculpture as a sculpture...taking mental notes
on how it was structured and balanced.
The more spiritually inclined usually comment 
that it would make a fabulous alter piece...which it definitely would.
 The less creative, more literal crowd always do the same thing.
They say it's pretty cool, then squat down low to
try and read what book titles are.
That kind of diminishes the magic and point of the
piece, in my opinion, but whatever.
I guess that's how some people process art.
It you're going to make a candle sculpture...a few tips.
You will want to build in something metal to use as a
base for the candles so the books don't catch on fire.
Also, the type of candles you use really does matter. 
I found that the cheap package of IKEA tapers
 work the best.  The wax isn't great quality,
so the candles burn faster and the wax runs farther then
the more expensive tapers.
Since I'm planning a burn-a-thon to refresh and
replenish some of the dripped wax on the piece,
I also set it on top of a big piece of wood so the wax
won't run all over my table. 

You should definitely try to make one of your own!
The sculpture will take time, finesse and patience but
the results are well worth it.
The magic and enchantment it generates will
definitely warm your heart, expand your
imagination,  lift your spirits during the
log cold winter months!

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