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Happy Birthday Mind Body Spirit Marketplace

It's hard to believe that it was a year ago today that the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace was launched on 1000 Markets.  A group of people, who did not know each other in the least, came together for a brief, intense period of time and worked harmoniously to create something they felt strongly about. This group maintained that a specific market segment and view point was not being represented on the site.  So they pooled their knowledge and skills and with minimal assistance from the administration, created a space that would welcome and embrace everyone and their specialized products, regardless of their religious and spiritual beliefs.

The day MBS Marketplace was launched, the numerology of the day, month and year added up to 11.... the Master Number "Illumination".  The number 11 expresses itself through the "development and expansive participation in the community in subtle but pervasive ways".  It has the "potential to bring inspiration into people's lives".

Diane FergursonNellie Levine, Sapna Mehra and Abby Horowitz all continue to watch over  MBS...each contributing, observing, and supporting it in their own way.   No matter what the future may hold for the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace,  its founding members would probably all agree that they made a positive difference in the lives and education of others.


Below is a copy of the original Marketplace statement:

Hello and welcome to 1000 Markets’ Mind Body Spirit Marketplace. Our intention behind creating this site is to not only offer quality products to the public that have been designed to nurture, inspire, heal and honor our spirit….but to also provide an education and communication platform where people can learn more about the diverse interests and belief systems of others.

We want this site to be an enjoyable, informative destination for everyone.  We hope that our participating merchants will be active in the forums and also contribute their knowledge and expertise to the blogs.  Just looking through some of our merchants, there are so many 1000 Market members who are quite accomplished in their respected fields. We hope you will take the time to share some of your expertise with us.  Artistic and/or spiritual.

The MBS Marketplace is going to feature regular book reviews. These reviews will posted on the site in two locations. Once under blog, as a blog post, and again in the discussion forums.  We feel that this will aid our readers in keeping track of the material that is reviewed and also provide a them with a better visual option for participating in book topic discussions.

Our community bulletin board is up and in place.  If there is an event, lecture, course series or organization that you would like to share with us… please post it.  It doesn’t matter what state you live in.

We appreciate any suggestions that you have for improving the market.  The Mind Body Spirit Marketplace is a positive site and everyone is welcome.

Thanks for stopping by

Artwork by Diane Fergurson  Mandala #28  "Finding Direction"

Monday, April 12, 2010

How are You Feeling? Positive and Negative Ions

Winter Winds by Jude McConkey
I was in the elevator with a group of people going up to our weekly qigong class today when one of our class members started talking about how completely tired and strange she had been feeling lately.  Not at all like herself.  As if on que I started talking about how this was probably due to the positive ions in the atmosphere because of all the storms and unusual weather we have had recently.  Of course after I had finished everyone was looking at me like I had two heads... not knowing in the least what I was talking about (something I've gotten use to over the years).  That's when I decided that this topic deserves at least a small blog post to help introduce people to the subject of ions and health.

Simply put, there are two types of ions in the atmosphere and they effect our health and how we feel.  Positive ions build up in the atmosphere just before a storm.  They can actually make you feel bad and many times people will find themselves irritable, really tired and jumpy for no apparent reason.  People who have migraines have also found that often their headaches are triggered during this time.  Large amounts of positive ions in the atmosphere are also becoming suspect for more serious health issues too. 

Negative ions accumulate in the atmosphere following a storm and have long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. Research conducted in the last few decades has begun to support the view that negative ions can actually have a positive effect on health.  There has been a lot of interesting weather/health/ion related research done in Japan, for example.  It's also a big topic associated with green living and environmental health. You can google around on the web to find out more about it.  It's really quite fascinating.

Of course the more sensitive a person is, the more profoundly they may feel the effects of weather changes and the impact of the related ions.  Some years ago when I first read about this subject it was like a light clicked made all the sense in the world to me since I had always felt mood and sensory reactions to the weather changes.

There are little things you can do to help buffer the ion situation in your own home.  Certain brands of air purifiers can be used, and also having a small fountain in the room where  you work can will help increase the negative ion count around you.  I've read where this can be especially beneficial if you are sitting working on a computer all I am now... (some claim that computers emit positive ions)..... humm, figures... 

~ diane

The photo used in this blog piece is by the fabulous photographer, Jude McConkey.  Her piece "Winter Winds" can be found in her shop on Etsy.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Live Near a Real Witch? I Do...

We'd like to thank Grace  for this great blog contribution!  Enjoy!

Do you live near a real witch? I do. Grace Sherwood - The Witch of Pungo, Virginia. relation to me Grace, I promise but I think I do have the potential to be a great witch!

More than 300 years ago, Grace Sherwood was accused in 1698 of bewitching; ruining a neighbor's crop, killed livestock and conjured storms. She was* trailed by water* by the Virginia Princess Anne County government on July 10th, 1706. They tied her thumbs to toes and dropped her into the Lynnhaven River near what is now known as Witchduck Point. I live only a few minutes from Witchduck Point. You can see her bronze statue placed at Bayside Sentara Hospital on Witchduck Point Road.

Well, back to the story, Grace Sherwood floated back up the water a sign of guilt.
That was considered proof she was guilty because the pure water cast out her evil spirit, according to the belief system of the time. If you were a witch, you would float and would not die. If you sink and drown, then you are a mortal and innocent. She was put into prison was eventually released. She lived quietly until 80.

Was she into witchcraft? Her neighbors thought so. They thought she was a witch who ruined crops, killed livestock and conjured storms and had taken her to court many times. She was also accused of using her powers to cause a neighbor to miscarry. Even though she was actually known as a healer... using the herbal crops that she grew...and a midwife who loved children and animals.

"I be not a witch. I be a healer," said Sherwood according to historical record. "Before this day be through, ye will all get a worse ducking than I."
Told you I love living so close to this legendary witch :)

Thank you so much for reading

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Essential Oils and Skin Care: Bugs

 Continuing our series: 

Today I would like to begin a more in depth look at the use of Essential Oils in skin care.
When I originally started this piece, I planned to do it in one week. After looking at my outline though, I actually have several topics under the Skin Care/Essential Oils umbrella. I could either make one extremely long piece or I can divide it into smaller posts. That is what I have decided to do. 

It is truly incredible when you realize just how many benefits Essential Oils have, especially in skin care. They can be used to treat everything from acne and anti-aging to athletes foot, from sunburn and mosquito bites to warts. I realize discussing warts is far from glamorous, but there really is no limit to how many different types of conditions can be helped by the use of essential oils.

I actually have chosen today's topic because it's one most of us will encounter as we head into the warmer months: mosquito bites. In fact, today while I was outdoors with my boys, there was a whole family of tiny mosquitoes lurking around already. I have a couple bits on my arms and they were "bugging" the kids as well.

As we head into summer, Mosquitos are appearing more frequently. I know in the evening if I am sitting out and am near my hedges at all that those little buggers fly out and bite me. When the boys are bitten, they scratch in their sleep and wind up with big marks.

If you've checked out the ingredients, though, in the most popular bug repellants, you feel as though you're caught between a rock and a hard place. You don't want to suffer from itchy mosquito bites, but you also don't want to spray yourself (or your precious children )with formaldehyde releasers and potentially contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane (as found in the 
Avon Skin So Soft IR3535 Bug Guard) or DEET (as seen in many OFF products).

So what can you do? Make your own!

I have been using this mixture for the past few springs and summers and it really works. I actually just made up a batch this afternoon for sitting out in the evening.

Here is what you will need:

*Lemon or Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Cedarwood & Citronella Essential Oils

*Vodka (any kind, no need to splurge for this recipe)

This one is super easy. If you don't want to order the Essential Oils online and have to wait a few days for them to arrive (if you need it for this weekend, for example), go to your natural foods store and buy them there. Otherwise, I do suggest Mountain Rose Herbs for quality Essential Oils.

This recipe is one to eye ball. You absolutely do not have to have a certain number of drops to get it right. You just need a ratio of about 10 parts vodka to 1 part essential oils. How much of each oil? I am heavier on the citronella and rose geranium. It really doesn't matter, which is great if you're low on a certain oil.

I am using a 4 ounce bottle for this today. I am eyeballing it--it's about 2.5 tbsp. of essential oils to a cup of vodka. I keep this in either a cobalt or amber spray bottle. Store out of direct sunlight (a dark cabinet is fine).

Combine by shaking gently. Now you have a gentle bug spray! Spritz on skin and in air. Avoid getting it in the eyes, as with any product. Please do not consume orally.

This also does well at repelling other bugs, like no see-ums, flies, sand gnats, ticks, and more.

Next week, I will discuss the use of Essential Oils to treat oily and acne prone skin.

Note: I am sure the question, "Will I smell like vodka?" may have crossed some readers' minds. The answer? No. Vodka is nearly colorless and odorless to begin with. Once the Essential Oils are added, their scent will take over. I am recommending vodka for this because the alcohol in it both stabilizes the  scent of the oils, as well as helps preserve the shelf life of the formula. If you do not have vodka in the house, distilled water will be fine, but will need to be thrown out after a few short weeks.


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