Artist Series

Every month on our blog we feature an interview with an artist whose work, we feel, embodies and reflects the spirit and energy of the mind body spirit theme.

Amy Zerner

Emily Balivet

Laura Milnor Iverson

Joanne Miller Rafferty


Jude McConkey

Atmara Rebecca Cloe 


Alison Fennell

Ben Isaiah


Fernanda Gonzalez

PattyMara Gourley

Karen Casey Smith


Kelly Tankersly

Cristina McAllister

 Adam Fergurson

Julie Magers Soulen

 Lori Field

 Celestial Elf

Julia Guthrie

Cosima Lukashevich


Heidi Thompson

The Steelgoddess

     Amanda Clark


                Holly Sierra

     Christina Saj

     Bill Oliver 


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