The following is a list of people who have contributed to the blog, their contact links, and a few of the selections that they have shared with the Mind Body Spirit Odyssey.

Diane Fergurson, editor, writing and artwork

Selections from Diane:
The Artist Interview Series
Mercury Goes Retrograde
What Motivates an Artist?
Harry Potter and Real English Magic
On the Passing of Steve Jobs
The Road to Enlightenment
A Baby In Your Dreams?
Gazing Into a Crystal Ball
Navigating the Tightrope Called Family During the Holidays
Our Higher Self

Nellie Levine, writing

Selections from Nellie
Among the Bones ~ A Season for Ancestor Reverence
An Introduction to Tarot 
Lughnasadh Blessings 
Going Vegan Food Series 

Indira Govindan -writing

From Indira:
Mudras:  Gestures of a Different Kind
Many Faces of Genesha 

Karley Ziegler Mott- writing

You may enjoy reading Karley's articles:
Oils:  Cold Relief
Essential Oils and Skin Care:  Bugs


Giani -writing

Articles by Giani:
Gemstones of the Zodiac Series
Ancestral Path Tarot Deck 
Tarot Review:  The Vampires of the Eternal Night
The Cleopatra Tarot Deck

Christina Dudley- writing

Reviewed by Christina:
Black Elk Speaks
The Return of the Children of the Light: Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World


Miriam Moran Shankman - writing

From Miriam:
Slow Down, We Move Too Fast:  A Prelude to the Holiday Seaso
Eating With the Tai Chi Diagram

Celestial Elf - Writing

From Celestial Elf:
Glad Tidings For the Winter Solstice

Manny Ln -writing

From Manny:
Cairn Building 

Karen Casey Smith - Art and Writing

From Karen:
Wu Chi
Every Precious Moment

Pattymara Gourley - Art and Writing

From PattyMara:
Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos)
Namaste:  An Explanation of a Very Old Greeting

Grace - writing

From Grace:
Do You Live Near a Real Witch?  I do...

Laura Milnor Iverson -art

Laura's Artwork is Featured in:
Autumn Blessings and Balance


Jude McConkey -photography

Featuring Jude's Photography:
How Are You Feeling?  Positive and Negative Ions

An Interview with Healer Darren Orr

Emily Balivet -art

Emily's artwork is featured in:
Beltane Blessings

Judit M. Designs -writing

From Judit:
Celebrating June

Julie Magers Soulen - Photography

Julie's Photography is featured in:
My Path, Your Path - Many Roads lead to Oz

An Interview with author Abigail Carter:

 From Abby:
The Alchemy of Loss:  A Young Widow's Transformation
An Unintentional Life

An Interview with Jovita Wallace
 The Magic of Color Vibration

An Interview with Qigong Instructor Joanne Kornelje

Black Star Jewelry

From Black Star Jewelry:
Earth Day

Cory Trusty
Aquarian Bath

From Cory:
Aromatherapy for the Mind Body Spirit:  Introduction
to Essential Oils

Garlic and Honey:  Herbal Remedies with a Culinary Twist

Abby Horowitz - writing 

From Abby:
Book Review:  Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe

Spellbinderscorp - writing

From Spellbinderscorp:
Casting the Ruins

John Ptacek - writing

From John:
A Step Away From Peace

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