Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Path, Your Path - Many Roads Lead to Oz

I was thinking the other day about the vast differences in the lives that people lead.  The learning experiences people face...the day to day challenges, and also how people choose to handle the more series issues that crop up in life.

What may seem the obvious choice or answer to a problem for one person, may be completely different for someone else.

Your path, My path
Your truth, My truth

Like I'm fond of telling people, (even though they usually look at me strange and don't get it)... "Many roads lead to Oz"

Author Delores Cannon offers up an explanation of this perfectly in "Between Death and Life- formerly Conversations with a Spirit"
I highly recommend this book.

"All paths lead in one direction.  Some have a few more sidetracks along the way but everyone can learn from all these things and would be a more well-rounded person for doing so.  By being close minded you loose much of the experience of life.  You should never rely on one path as being the way, the ultimate.  For in all paths there lies truth and in all paths there lies falsehood.  You must spend your life sifting through them to find what is your truth - to discover what you know to be truth for yourself.  It does not have to necessarily be truth for others and you must accept this.  It is not an easy path to be different".

~ diane fergurson

"Colorado Western Landscape" is courtesy of Colorado photographer Julie Magers Soulen.  You can find more of her beautiful work in her Etsy store.

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  1. I am very honored to have my photography accompanying your beautiful truth. I am definitely putting "Between Death and Life" on my reading list. Thank you so much for this inspirational message!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography



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