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Tarot Review: The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night

In the spirit of Halloween, we'd like to thank Giani for his wonderful review of "The Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal Night".
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Lo Scarabeo has always made quality tarot decks.  Since 1987, this company has produced over 100 tarot decks.  You would think after all this time it would be tough to out do themselves, or to find a way to be different than they have already been.  Well, with the Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night they have managed the seemingly impossible.  Not only have they produced what many believe to be the best Vampire based tarot yet, they have also found a way to increase the levels of understandings during readings.  I will get into all of that as we go.

Right out of the box, this is a most unique presentation.  And I say that literally, because the box is unlike other boxes.  Magnetically closed on the side, you essentially open it like you were opening the door to a tomb, a crypt, a lair.  Just opening the box already sets the stage for what is contained within.

The first item out of the box is the accompanying book.  The book was prepared by tarot scholar Barbara Moore, so you already know it is going to be good.

In going through the examinations of the cards, we are presented with something I haven’t come across in other tarot decks that I own.  Rather than rely on “upright” and “reversed” meanings to the cards (depending on which way they face when they are turned over), we are treated to multiple facets of reading, depending on what side of an issue you want to look at.  The Major Arcana has four facets, and the Minor Arcana has three.  

The first facet is the Darker Approach.  This is used to examine the darker side, or “shadow side” of an issue.  Both the major and Minor Arcana use this approach.

The second facet is the Human Approach.  This is for those of you who use other tarot decks.  This approach is the more basic, mainstream point of view of tarot card readings.  Both the major and Minor Arcana use this approach.

The third facet is the Light Approach.  This is for a more spiritual, evolved reading.  Only the Major Arcana uses this approach.

The fourth facet is the Divinatory Meaning.  This one is used mostly when doing simple fortune telling, as opposed to deeper meanings.  Both the Major and Minor Arcana use this approach.

To show you an example of these facets, let us pick a card from the Major Arcana and go through its facets.  I will choose The Tower, #16:

Traditionally, this card is about your belief system, until a truth comes about that could bring it all down.  At this point, the salvaging and rebuilding can begin.

Now, let us look at the 4 facets of this card, according to this deck (quoted from the book):

Dark Approach: “Stubborn and uncompromising beliefs or behaviors.  Unwillingness to accept new ideas.  A fragile rigidity.  Devastation and immobilization when challenged.”

Human Approach: “Expecting to find a truth that will last unchanged until the very end.  Building a belief system and being a bit surprised when it tumbles down.”

Light Approach: “Welcoming periodic destruction as a kind of cleansing, a trial by fire.  Pruning back the dead and useless to make way for new changes.”

Divinatory Meaning: “ A Warning: be aware of your limitations; stretching your limits may be risky.”

As you can see there are different shadings to the readings, based on which part of the problem or your psyche, you choose to use as the approach for this reading.  People will deeper understanding of the tarot will definitely enjoy having these levels to play with.  

Another interesting aspect to these cards, in which they differ from many more traditional decks, is that they don’t show the full complement of objects for each numbered card.  So, there are not 10 wands visible on the Ten of Wands, or 7 cups visible on the Seven of Cups, etc.  Instead, the artwork on these cards works to convey the overall idea of that card.

In the Rider Waite deck, for instance, the Ten of Swords will show you a body prostrate with ten swords sticking out of it.  Yet, in the Vampire Tarot of Eternal Night, they convey the same meaning, possibly even more powerfully, by using only one sword.

Now that we have shown you some of the cards, let us take a look at a couple of the suggested readings.  While this book contains some takes on established readings, they also include some readings that appear to be new, based on this deck and its ideals.  I will discuss two of them.

Dialog with Shadows Spread

Set up cards as follows:

1                        7                        4

2                        8                        5

3                        9                        6

Cards 1, 2 and 3 are the elements or aspects of your shadow self.

Cards 4, 5 and 6 are how your conscious self feels about those aspects of your shadow self.

Cards 7, 8, and 9 are the bridge cards, and show you how to bridge the gap between those two ideals, and find resolution to them.
Alive, Dead and Undead

This particular reading uses only the Court Cards and the Major Arcana.  FYI, this deck is one that uses a 4 card court for each suit (Knave, Knight, Queen and King).

Set up cards as follows:

1            4

2            5

3            6

Use the Court Cards for 1, 2 and 3.  Use the Major Arcana for 4, 5 and 6.

Card 1 - Alive - This is the alive part of your personality, the aspect that, for good or for bad, has an important role right now.

Card 2 - Dead - This is a part of you that is gone, that has been let go of.  Are you glad it is gone?  Do you want it back?  The absence of this part of you means just as much as its presence did.

Card 3 - Undead - This is that part of you that you wish was gone, that you wish you could get rid of, but that still torments you, possibly creating serious issues in your life.

Cards 4, 5 and 6 provide you information about those aspects of your personality.

As you can see, this deck is indeed very different from most and can offer you deeper levels of reading and meaning than other decks.  Whether or not you are into the vampire scene, these cards have much to offer.  I definitely recommend this deck.

In closing, I leave you with a few more images from this deck, to whet your appetite one last time.


  1. I've been fascinated by the Tarot for a long time. This is a well-delivered post with good instructions! Thanks!

  2. Hmm... there's a Tarot workshop this weekend near me, and I've been wondering if I should sign up. Then I stumbled on this post!

    This deck is beautiful. The art is intricate and bold but with a delicate touch. Thanks for the excellent review.



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