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"The Magic of Color Vibration" an Interview with Jovita Wallace, Part 3

Question #4:
What about black and white?

I think we need to change our concepts and feelings around the Black vibration and put it into a different light.
Black is magical and sacred.

Black, to Native Americans, is a color of power and only to be feared if misused. The intention for using black must be from the light.

Raven is associated with black, symbolizing the Void. The Void is creation- all that is possible. It is the mystery of that which is not yet formed. Ravens are symbolic of the Black Hole in space, which draws in all energies toward itself and releases it in new forms. The iridescent blue and green in the glossy feathers of the Raven represents the constant change of forms and shapes that emerge from the vast blackness of the void.

Raven is one of my totems and a kindred spirit. We work together as advocates for people and animals in need of healing. Raven’s element is air, and he is a messenger spirit who I can shamanically use to project the raven magic over near and great distances.

I consider black a sacred color in healing work. It is also used to help bring a person into a state of grace, to help them reach silence to experience peace from the source.

We see that may artists wear black. The creative inspiration of the visual artist, musician, and writer brings light into the void. Color, shape, and form are channeled through the artist to be experienced as a piece of work, and this is the magic of creation. Of course, the creative process is not just limited to this group of artisans or shamanic healers. Everyone is capable every day of inspiration and creativity in all that we do.

Inspiration - an idea - is symbolized as a light in a bulb. When the light bulb goes on, the energies of the void are activated. Dark seeks light.
In illuminated color, black is the absence of light. But it is just the opposite in pigmented color where black represents the presence of all colors.

Society hasn’t been that generous when assigning the attributes of black. It has been associated with witches and demons and the black arts, and negative experiences in general. We need to change our concepts about the color black. Black can be used effectively and positively. It signifies dignity, sophistication, refinement, power, believability, and authority.

Black works for cars, but not for airplanes. We want white or silver to fly. It is right for the CEO’s suit (authority), but not the junior executive’s. We can use black to shield and to go inward, as in grief. Black appears further away. It absorbs light.

If you tend to be stubborn, rebellious and often reckless, the color black describes the energy of your personality. Conventional thinking bores you, and the word “can’t” is not in your vocabulary. This description is based on the time-honored Luscher Color Test developed by Swiss psychologist, Max Luscher, Ph.D. He tested over 30,000 people using eight different colors to develop a test that defines different color personalities.

White seems to be the opposite of black. Black and white – the great duality.
You see white and you think purity. Why is this so? White light, carrying all the colors of the rainbow, balances all the chakras raising the energy field to a higher vibration – a state of pure balance and energy flow. It purifies the body on the highest level.

Try this meditation practice: Visualize a white beam of light over your head and slowly, breathing in and out, bring the light into the crown chakra, continue to visualize the light and breathe the white light into each of the chakras, moving from crown to root chakra.

In illuminated color white is the presence of all color, and in pigmented color white is the absence of all color.  Purity, cleanliness, and innocence are associated with white. In Western culture brides wear white, symbolizing the virgin. In the East, however, it is the color for mourning and funerals. White does create a sense of space and reflects light. White light is a spirit vibration like ghosts and angels.
The neutral beiges, ivory, and cream colors carry the same attributes as white, but are more subdued, less brilliant. The white spectrum harmonizes with all other colors. Maximum whiteness does not compete or diminish the vibration of other colors when combined. The walls of art galleries are painted white to best display artwork.

White might also feel cold, bland, and sterile. This is because, as a pigment, it contains no color. Color stimulates specific emotional responses. White elicits no emotion and is felt as a non-experience.
Use white in your life when you are starting new beginnings and for the development of a new direction. You can use it to clear blocks from your path. The cold quality of white provides clarity since its energy is complete. You can also work with white to clear clutter and obstacles. To purify your intentions, your thoughts, and your actions use white.

Black and white equally represent the spiritual dynamics of cosmic energy. They represent the duality and power of the Universe.


Thank you Jo for taking the time for sharing your valuable insight and expertise with us!   Your comments about black are probably the best I've read on that subject in a long time.
I hope you will be back with us soon!
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