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"The Magic of Color Vibration" an Interview with Jovita Wallace, Part 1

Jovita Wallace is a shamanic healer, educator and lecturer in Vibrational Medicine.  She is the Founder/Director of Being in Balance Inc. and teaches a comprehensive Color Vibration course. Her Center for Color Illumination and Pure Tone Therapy offers customized illumination therapy – designing programs to promote color enhancement experiences using computerized chromatherapy light technology.  This is Part 1 of our 3 part interview with Jovita.  We thank her for spending time with us and sharing some her extensive knowledge base and expertise on this subject.

Question 1:
You’ve had such a long, multi-faceted career.  One thing you continue to be well known for is your vibrational medicine work in color therapy.  For those who are not very familiar with this field, will you explain what it is and also how you became involved in it.

My work in color therapy evolved quickly out of my initial pioneering research and practice of pure-tone sound therapy that began in the mid 1990’s.

The early and mid 1990’s was a powerful time for light workers.  Many of us were led to explore work in vibrational medicine. Vibrational medicine is an alternative therapy based on the belief that illness is caused by energy imbalances.

Two of these areas were sound and color. The Hopi Native American prophesy was starting to be fulfilled with the ”Coming of the Rainbow People” through the keepers of the crystal bowls.  I became one of those through divine opportunity...  While taking a shamanic course at Star Seed in Montclair, NJ, I was introduced to the sacred crystal bowls and experienced a mystical state of Being that lasted several days – being one with all in the Universe.  My higher self said, “Buy a crystal bowl.”  I listened, having no idea where this was taking me.

I learned that pure tone crystal bowl music and color are forms of vibrational medicine and validates that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration.  The frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called resonance.  Our resonance, or light, is expressed through our aura (electromagnetic field).

My work evolved.  I studied, attended workshops, and began hands-on application with sound and color therapy for clients.  My learning formula for Apply and Observe became one of my greatest learning tools.

Because the significance of color vibration was profound, I organized and promoted a comprehensive color workshop in 1997.  The audience awareness was not there, not until 2001 when I was asked to design and produce Color Enhancement Stories for a well-known day spa in SoHo, New York.

There were 8 glass massage rooms were filled with clouds of changing color emanating from LED lights.  Each 60-minute computer-programmed color vibration story was designed for a specific benefit.  The client received 100% saturation of color while they were enjoying their Reiki massage.
That year this spa won the “International Spa of the Year” award.  Finally, the years of Color Vibration work were now taking on a greater audience.

You do not have to see color with your eyes to experience the benefit.  The vibration is received through your aura (electromagnetic field) into the nervous system that sends the color vibration information into every cell, organ, and system of your body for healing and expansion.

Question 2:

What are the vibrational characteristics of each color?
The characteristics of red are associated with contraction and logic. It is a warm hue carrying male energy.
Orange has a tendency to lift off, movement, a warm color and carries a male energy.
Yellow’s characteristic is also warm and carries a male energy. It lifts away from solidity.
Green is balance because its position in the rainbow is mid-spectrum, and holds equally the male and female energy.
Blue carries the energy of peace, relaxation, and openness. Cool, female energy is associated with this vibration.
Indigo Blue, a cool color, carries the vibrational characteristics of female expression and is ready to move energy.
Violet is the blossom not yet fully open but strives for fulfillment and carries a cool, female energy.

Color therapists also use Magenta and Turquoise:
Magenta vibration transcends maleness and femaleness. This is the color of the purest spiritual energy that lets go of all concerns and worries. It signifies the aspiration to completeness.
Turquoise carries a female energy and is a cool color. It wants to integrate with the colors green and yellow.

Each color has its own unique characteristic, or vibration, that is received as information to stimulate a subtle body energy response for our highest vibration and well-being.

What is your favorite color? What color have you been attracted to today…this week or month?  The color we are responding to can tell us where we are seeking balance.

Every day we make unconscious color choices from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. We can consciously use color choices, however, to improve our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Understanding and using color and experiencing their energetic effects can change our thoughts, emotions, intentions, choices and actions.  It can also heal.

Working with color is an adventurous journey of discovery and it really is a lot of fun!  The color energy that we take in originates from cosmic energy…the life-force that underlies our ability to breathe, eat, grow, have feelings, and think. Food and drink are just part of the energy that sustains us in life.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the seven major rays of light that we receive through sunlight.  In his experiments he guided a shaft of light through a glass prism in a darkened room. The white light separated into its seven major colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo Blue, and Violet.  The colors of the rainbow.

This electromagnetic spectrum, sunshine, bathes the Universe in the energy which is all around us. The energy of sunlight produces all the wavelengths of color from ultraviolet to infrared. This is known as full-spectrum white light.

The color waves travel at the speed of light and are made up of an electrical magnetic component. Reds have the longest wavelength, the lowest frequencies, and the least energy. Violets have the shortest wavelengths, the highest frequencies, and the most energy.

We see the color of an object when our eyes interpret the wavelengths of the light it reflects. What we perceive as a result of the energy is illusion – only the energy itself is real. So, when we view the world in terms of color, the color is in our minds, not in the landscape. The wavelengths are reflected back to our eyes from the objects they strike, and they are interpreted by our brains as many different hues in the illuminated color spectrum.

The human eye allows us to differentiate somewhere between 200 and 250 different colors. And not all of us see each color the same way or in the same intensity. Color is active at all levels of our being - mental, physical, and spiritual.

Whether we see color through our eye or experience illuminated color light through the aura, we are receiving information as a vibration. The logical left side of our brain focuses on form, while the more creative, intuitive, right side responds to emotion.

.... to be continued....

Part 2

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Thank you to Karen Casey Smith for letting us use her beautiful Mandala artwork throughout this interview.  You can find more of her stunning images in her  Etsy shop.

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