Thursday, December 31, 2009

Earth Day

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Earth Day. Mind Body Spirit marketplace member BlackStar was nice enough to share her Earth Day blog post with us. Thank you for the contribution...and enjoy your day!

I’ve made it a tradition to spend Earth Day in the garden. What better way to honor the Earth, than to spend the day nurturing it? Almost anyone can grow fresh herbs and vegetables. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes; from tractor gardens to intensive gardens to container gardens.
If you have a small patch of earth or a pot or two, you can take joy in growing your own fresh produce. There’s nothing like the feeling of going out to the garden early in the morning and working with your plants. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than picking your first juicy, ripe tomato.
You’d be surprised at the amount of food that you can grow in a small space or a container and there are so many wonderful books and websites to guide you. If you’ve never grown your own vegetables and herbs, give it a try this spring. If you’re unable to grow your own, check out the farmer’s markets in your area. They are popping up in towns across the country. Supporting your local farmer is the next best thing to growing your own.

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