Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank you to Everyone!

We are pretty astounded to have reached 400 Facebook fans at the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace! Thank you all very much for your continued and active support.

When we originally started MBS our intent was to showcase products, ideas and services that were designed to nuture, inspire, heal and honor the spirit in all of us. We've grown our community so far beyond the walls of 1000 Markets, that we have decided to open up our FB Fanpage even further and encourage "all" of you (and our future fans) to actively promote "your" related items on the page too, regardless if you have a private related business or sell on a different selling site.

We are all a community, and being more familiar with what others have to offer can only help to educate us all personally as well as professionally. The items and information that you post on the Fanpage must be Mind Body Spirit related...and please, don't spam the page or overdo it. Nellie and I will continue to actively promote our regular marketplace members and run the blog as usual. (please remember to follow our blog)

A big thanks again to everyone, and especially to Matt at 1000 Markets for his continued support.

enjoy the rest of your day!


Artwork:  Connecting Heaven and Earth:  Adjusting Center,  by Diane Fergurson

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