Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The New MInd Body Spirit Marketplace

What an interesting, active couple of days it's been! In case you haven't heard, 1000 Markets was sold to Bonanza. Here is the link if you haven't read about it.

As far as the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace, Nellie and I actually see this as a positive opportunity to expand what we have started on 1000 Markets and continue to build up even further off site...through our ever growing blog and Facebook presence. We currently have over 600 followers on our Facebook fan page alone.

We now won't be bound by the 1000 Markets membership constraints any longer. We can comfortably continue to grow and feature other Mind Body Spirit related products, ideas, and people from "everywhere".  From ALL selling sites and as well as showcase work from individual websites. We will getting back to you with further plans as this all continues to unfold.. It's kind of exciting, actually. In the mean time, if you have any questions...or would like for us to feature your Mind Body Spirit work, products, or blog post you can leave me an e-mail at: or at my email,

We'll make sure you are on our contact list and that way we can still be in touch with you and continue to feature your Mind Body Spirit work... wherever it is!
This week we will begin to feature Mind Body Spirit related work from sellers on Etsy as well as other sites.

Thanks again to everyone who worked together to make this 1000 Markets version of the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace possible.  And in particular, thank you to Matt and the other folks at 1000 Markets who created the software and provided the template for many of us to create Marketplaces for whatever we wanted, and allowed us the freedom to take those marketplaces in whatever direction we wished.  The creative freedom the 1000 Markets gave their Market Managers was very generous and it was a unique opportunity and experience for all of us involved.  We are very fortunate that MBS had the foresight to established itself enough outside of 1000 Markets so that we can continue to build upon the wonderful foundation that they provided for us.  We remain committed in what we are doing.  Promoting all things related to the Mind Body Spirit theme so that we can all continue to learn and grow in a positive, healthy way.

Onward and upward! Life is always in a constant state of flux. Remember that wonderful opportunities can grow out of a sudden, changed situation... In many cases it's actually a gift! :)
I'm sure the transition to Bonanza will work out fine for the 1000 Market sellers who choose to transfer think positive! We'll be getting in touch with you again soon!

enjoy your day!

diane fergurson and nellie levine

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