Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keeping Things in Perspective - Positive Affirmation

Morning Droplets by Jude McConkey

It's easy to look on the bright side of
things when all is going well...when
the smiles outweigh the frowns and the 
sunshine is streaming in the window.

But the happiest people are the ones who can say-
when all is going wrong, when the clouds get in
the way - that a little unhappiness must balance
the joys and that a bit of sadness has its place in
the world, too.

For these special people know of the balance of
nature's ways.  They know that nothing grows
where the sun always shines and that gray skies
and rain can be an unregrettable sign of the day.

For these fortunate people, their favorite season 
is always the one they are in, and they continue to
look on the bright side, knowing that the sunshine
might leave for a while, but that it will never be
gone for long.

~ Jamie Delere

Prints of Jude McConkey's "Morning Droplets" can be found in her shop on Etsy.

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  1. Beautiful words that go perfectly with Jude's beautiful photo.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  2. I thought this was beautifully said... Sometimes people look for only what they think of as positive. In fact, be honest with the moment and choosing love in the face of it no matter what it is helps us to stay connected to the whole of who we are. Thanks, Sharon Hartnett LMT



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