Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Fall Garden, Mabon and Harvesting Herbs

Mabon (the Fall Equinox) arrives on Saturday (September 21), and once again I find 
myself winding things down in my garden, harvesting...getting ready for the change of season.  
In pagan religions Mabon is a time of reflection, reaping and thanking Mother Nature 
for all that she has provided us with during the fertile summer months.  
In the Daoist tradition it is also a time to begin the 
journey within, preparing for the colder months where we will reflect, rest and regenerate.

Allowing ourselves to flow with the natural rhythms of the 
seasons and the energy they contain is something 
that is vital to our well being.
It's essential for good health - physically, mentally and spiritually.

With this in mind, looking at the tangle of herbs in my garden,
I know that my once vibrant, abundant basil will now become pesto, my
rosemary will be transplanted and brought into the house, and most 
of the other herb varieties will begin the drying process
so that they can be utilized during the winter months.

Last year I harvested and dried an amazing amount of herbs.  
When the dining room table overflowed (and I dreamed of having my own 
"herb room" in the house) I ended up purchasing and using an additional, circular
hanging drying rack from Amazon.  It really helped, and I would definitely
recommend getting one if you dry herbs!

The herbs (and also dried roses) then went into small jars that I bought very
inexpensively at the dollar store.  The dried herbs were then given out as gifts to delighted
friends and family at our annual Christmas Eve party... 
...and found their way into the pots of some very
appreciative cooks! This is definitely a fall
tradition I plan to continue!

Enjoy the season!

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