Monday, November 18, 2013

The Artist Awakens

Dispersing New Flavor by Adam Fergurson
The artist knows, up to a point, what he or she wishes to express but also feels it, senses it - feels and senses it so strongly that something like awakening has occurred.  The ordinary self that entered the studio is still there, but there is someone else in there as well.

...The theme, the task at hand, is clear and unclear.  The mind may conceive it precisely or, on the contrary, feelings and the body in motion may have a sense of direction that the mind hardly knows.  The forces must come together to serve the theme:  the sheer energy and closeness to materials dwelling in the body, the sensitivity to small differences dwelling in the feelings, the organizational clarity and the critical capacity of the thought.

...Entering more deeply into the creative process, the artist begins to receive spontaneous gifts; signs and meanings suggest themselves "from nowhere" - forms previously unimagined, new themes or motifs that seem remarkably fertile.  The working faculties and the companion self have come to life, shedding seeds with abandon and generosity....A degree of spontaneous ability has made itself known, always a gift however one reaches for it.

  ~  Roger Lipsey, from the book
"An Artist's Book of Inspiration"
Compiled and Edited by Astrid Fitzgerald

Artwork courtesy of Adam Fergurson

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