Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What is Wisdom?

 "To be wise means being thoroughly familiar with all aspects of human duality 
and to apply mastery of these aspects in all our relationships.  
Wise is the one who always shows the way to follow without ever 
imposing it and who never does for others that which they are always well 
advised to do for themselves.  
Wise are also those who know who to be silent when they should just listen,
 and to speak when they can and must be heard.  
The true wise person is not the one who is favorably spoken of because of his or 
her actions.  
From all the foregoing, it follows that true wisdom always listen more than it talks, much 
less that it acts, and never acts without thinking ahead.
To show wisdom does not mean to want to absolutely reform the evil we 
believe we see in others, 
but to harmonize with the good that we are certain 
to perceive within them.  
Broadly speaking, the mission of wisdom is to preserve harmony where it exists
to do everything
possible to put it where it is not."  

~ Christian Barnard

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