Monday, February 10, 2014

Silence on the Spiritual Path

There is no denying, it has been a long and difficult winter for many of us this year.  
As with anything else in life however, we do have a choice how
we handle it. 
Try to embrace the natural quiet and silence that winter brings into our 
lives instead of becoming frustrated.
As pointed out through the words from Taoist author Deng Ming - Dao,
silence is actually a very 
important aspect to our spiritual development.  

As one progresses on the path, one seeks silence more and more.
It will be a great comfort, a tremendous source of solace and peace.

Once you find deep solitude and calm, there will be a great gladness in your heart.
Here finally is the place where you need neither defense or offense - 
the place where you can truly be open.
There will be bliss, wonder, the awe of attaining something pure and sacred.

After that, you will feel adoration of silence.
this is the peace that seems to elude so many.
This is the beauty of the Tao.

"Snowy Crossing" courtesy of Jude McConkey Photography.  
Prints available through her shop on Etsy.

You can follow the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace 

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