Thursday, May 29, 2014

Being Thankful for the Little Things

They say we should be thankful for the little things in life.  How many times have you heard that expression?

I had to opportunity to hear a woman speak recently who was recovering from a stroke.  She was leading a meditation, and was talking about how we should be grateful and more mindful of all the little things in our lives.  She then proceeded to share with us some of the little things 'she' was grateful for.

Her list was long and meandering - but the beautiful flow and sincerity of her words deeply touched everyone in the room.  It wasn't so much a meditation, as a journey.  Her unique journey ~

" - like when you are looking for a parking place and you happen to see the very last one in the lot...and you barely have room to squeeze your car into the corner - but hey, you got to park!  Or how about there not being any ice on the roads anymore so you don't have to worry about hitting another car or falling down when you try to get out?  Those are some of the things I'm grateful for...and I'm also pretty grateful to get my plants in the ground after they have been sitting on my deck for a long time ~"

Through my silent laughter at her candor - eyes closed and tears of happiness streaming down my smiling face - I felt my heart completely open up and send all the love and hugs I had within me to this wonderful, brave soul.
Yes, I thought - it really is the small things we overlook that we should be thankful for.
It really is ~

~ diane

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