Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Curious Visitor

The first day of October finds me hurrying around preparing for, and I quote, "five days of the most brutal weather that New Jersey has seen in a long time". An upcoming rain storm, followed by a 'Nor'easter wind and rain' and, of course, Hurricane Joaquin.  The date of NJ has already declared a state of emergency.

Well, 'strange things are afoot at the Circle K'.  I went out to pick some last minute flowers before the storm(s) hit, and was immediately greeted by a more intense delegation of my bird friends then usual.  Then this little cutie comes out of the rose bed to say hello.  I've never seen him before...he left as fast as he came, disappearing under the hydrangea.  Glad to see he was wearing a collar.  

Of course I took it as a sign.   Were they telling me about the upcoming storm?  Or letting me know that my first grandchild will be making her grand entrance before long?

I always seem to attract animals around me that I normally don't come in contact with before something happens.  I had crows land next to me and sit outside my studio window for a week straight this summer before my mother passed.  I've had deer run in front of me so close I could have touched them...on our street which is very urban and busy.  
Superstition?  I don't know.  You'd be surprised that what goes on around you once your eyes open and you start taking notice.  I've decided that if I see a third unusual animal related thing today then I'll know something up for sure.

Enjoy your day...
I'll keep you posted.

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