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Part 2: From Jing to Qi to Shen, An Interview with Healer Darren Orr

Question 3:  What about people who won't let go of emotional pain?  I know you've come across may people like this in your private practice.                    

I could write a book on this!!! lol. I like the progression of the questions from Jing to Qi to Shen.

Yes, I have come across many people in my private practice and throughout my life that struggle to let go of emotional pain. In our culture we are not taught how to deal with  stress and our subsequent emotions in a positive way... especially men...and we definitely are not shown how to release them and let them go. That is the main problem in my estimation. I feel people want to release stress and emotions they just don't know how. Our culture and society fails us miserably in this context because 70-90% of all disease is due to stress, so if we really want to change the health care system we need to learn preventative methods of stress management from childhood onwards. Sadly we don't yet have a system in place.

The inability to deal with stressful emotions stems from childhood where the root of our personality and emotional responses to stress are first learned, developed and practiced. When working with clients with anxiety, depression, rage, worry, fear etc.. you will hear them say it's just a part of their personality and the "way they are". That is so not true. All human behavior is learned. Scientific studies have shown that fear for instance is learned and ingrained into the brain through repeated exposure over a period of time, it is not innate.

At birth we are a blank slate and from the minute we exit the womb we are bombarded with external stimuli. In response to this stress and external stimuli emotions are created. As children we learn how to deal with stress, trauma, change and uncertainty from those around us (parents, teachers, culture, society). Usually though when a child is faced with trauma and stress they just want to survive it and thus develop coping mechanisms to get through that particular event. What happens is that oftentimes those coping mechanisms are not healthy ways to deal with emotions or stress and they become ingrained, go to the subconscious level and when as adults they face similar stress and trauma their habitual patterns, attitudes and behaviors are triggered and the brain goes on autopilot responding the same way you did as a child. So what often happens is either the person will stuff down and repress their emotions or they will lash out and displace them on other people. Neither of these ways are healthy, constructive or beneficial.

Emotions are there for one thing only so that we can move, change and get out of stasis. Again like physical pain they are a wake-up call, signal or beacon to pay attention, for introspection and as a way to understand your true nature. Often mental/emotional pain is worse and more insidious than physical pain and harder to release because the mind replays the past which continually illicits the same negative emotions over and over again and then projects them into the future. The energy of the emotions becomes stuck and traps itself within the cellular structure of the tissues leading to physical tension and pain, stress, tight sore muscles, restricted range of motion, and areas of the body that overtime become susceptible to disease or injury.

Our emotional template can be seen in peoples posture, the way they breathe, facial expressions and the eyes. Our emotions are the results of the beliefs we hold in our mind, how we interpret the changes that occur in our life, how we view ourselves internally and how we view the external world. So when treating and dealing with emotions what you are really treating is the person's mental habits, behaviors, patterns, attachments and aversions.  Alot of pathology can be traced back to imbalanced emotional states because they set up the beat and vibration that the body and mind responds to. Many times emotional pain is the root of physical pain, disease or illness.

Medical Qigong is unsurpassed in dealing with emotional problems because it is a complete and comprehensive system with over 5000 years of continuous empirical and practical use in keeping people healthy and free from disease. Most forms of energy healing are not complete systems. They take bits and pieces of medical qigong and the "creator" puts their own spin on it so they can market themselves and make money. The main emphasis in Medical Qigong therapy is placed on empowering the patient to take back control over their mind, body and emotions.

Medical Qigong is one of the only disciplines, I'm aware of, where self-cultivation and purgation of the excess emotional baggage we have carried around since birth is paramount and given prominence in the treatment modality. It is not enough for the healer to clear the patient when treating, it is just as if not more important that the patient understands and undertakes the responsibility for doing the self-cultivation necessary to clear the energetic charges of the emotions from the body. Specific exercises, meditations, visualizations and sound prescriptions are given as homework in between treatments to the patient to clear out, release and discharge the built up emotional current trapped inside the cellular structure of the tissues and neural connections of the brain.

According to the ancient theories of classical Chinese Medicine emotions are connected to the qi or energy level at the middle dantien in the area of the heart. Each organ has physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components to it. Everyone is born with 5 pre-natal virtues connected to the 5 yin organs. But due to stress and negative experiences from our environment those positive congenital virtues are transformed into negative or acquired mental/emotional states. For instance the Kidneys give us the virtue of wisdom, willpower and enlightenment but through repeated exposure to stress and trauma those virtues become the acquired states of fear, terror, loneliness and insecurity. The Liver gives us unconditional love, compassion and kindness while the acquired states are anger, rage, jealousy, depression, frustration and irritation. The spleen's congenital qualities are trust, faith and acceptance due to stress it flips into doubt, worry, over thinking. The heart is born with the virtues of balance, order, and peace, yet through life it switches due to shock, trauma, over excitement. The lungs give us integrity, honesty, dignity and righteousness while the acquired aspects are sadness, grief, loss, longing, anxiety, guilt, shame and blame. Once the congenital yang virtues flip into the acquired yin states the emotions begin to fill the energetic channels creating blockages, disharmony and illness until or unless this emotional baggage is cleansed and purged from the body and mind.

The point of Medical Qigong and all my treatments is to empower and teach my clients simple, easy and effective methods to drop these negative acquired mental/emotional states and the baggage that comes with them in order to re-awaken the positive congenital prenatal virtues of the Wu Jing Shen that always reside inside ourselves. The acquired aspects can be looked at like clouds blocking the sun. Just because we can't see the sun due to the clouds doesn't mean it isn't there. The clouds are the acquired states and are cleared via purgation techniques so that the prenatal virtues of the wu jing shen can radiate out in all directions like the sun thus illuminating all of life.

Question 4:  .  Can you discuss the connection between emotional pain and physical ailments and some of the treatment modalities that you playing the crystal singing bowls (vibrational therapy).

All of the modalities I use to treat people have as their foundation qi or life force energy. Qi is the communicative aspect between the material (jing) world and the spiritual (shen) world. It is intimately connected with the mind and emotions and is called the Great communicator because it is the invisible thread that weaves together the web of life. Whether it's massage, medical qigong, reiki, meditation, dao yoga or quartz crystal singing bowls qi is used to purge negative acquired mental states, tonify and cultivate the congenital virtues of the wu-jing shen and regulate the mind, body and spirit into one integrated and cohesive whole guided by the Taiji pole and eternal soul.

The quartz crystal singing bowls (vibrational therapy) are an amazingly profound and unique treatment modality that I use by themselves and in combination with my classes, treatments and meditations to help my clients and further enhance their healing. The bowls are made of 99% quartz crystal and when played resonate a pure tone on the musical scale (do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti,) that reverberates through and balances the DNA, nervous system, endocrine glands, brain, bones and marrow, myo-fascia, internal organs, 3 dantiens and the 7 chakras.

Like the quartz crystal singing bowls our bones, DNA, brain and myo-fascia also are made up of a quartz crystalline structure, so when the bowls are played they become like tuning forks that transmit the healing vibrations deep into the DNA, brain, body, bone marrow and cellular structure of the myo-fascia thereby opening up the meridians, releasing tension, stress and adhesions, quieting the constant chattering of the thinking mind which allows the body to enter a profoundly deep state of relaxation, regeneration, peace and healing.

In our technological age, quartz is used as a transmitter of energy and information in such things as clocks, watches, electronic equipment, micro-chips and computers. An interesting fact is that computer companies were the first to create the bowls because they use the bowls as a habitat to manufacture their microchips. This ability of quartz to act as an amplifier of energy and information is further enhanced when the practitioner and client place their intention on the sound and healing themselves. The bowls correlate to a specific musical note, particular color, nerve plexus, endocrine gland, internal organ, meridian, dantien and chakra. So when all 7 bowls are played you effectively balance and harmonize every aspect of your being and in doing so are given access to your true-nature/spirit/soul. I offer vibrational therapy using the singing bowls in private one-on-one treatments and group sessions.

continued in part 3

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  1. so very interesting. I really feel for children who were abandoned, or had abusive childhoods. A lot to take back. {:-Deb



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