Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter's Song

Silence surrounds. The shadows of trees fall across the snow, hands that 
neither beckon nor abandon, but allow communion, embracing heart and 
soul with Winter’s spirit.
My prayers float away from me on this chill air. On these moon-filled 
icy nights there is no concealment. Whispers roar like waves on the 
ocean, and the mind opens into a vast landscape for night’s secrets.
I drink in this spell. Like honey on the tongue, the cold is coaxing. I 
lean back and feel the breath of angels on my face.
I do not imagine sunflowers or conjure June skies. I do not escape into 
wanderings through Summer’s bright images. Winter has its place in my 
heart, brings me a centering stillness I could not live without.
I do what I did when I was a child; wrap myself up in wool, make a quiet 
trail into the trees, and greet the moon who watches our dreams like a 
grandmother. I sit until I can’t anymore, until I begin to notice the 
cold. Usually, my teeth don’t chatter, my fingers don’t turn numb, as I 
feel peace.
In such cold, tears freeze before they form and fears melt away. As my 
heart calls out, for wars, poverty, for the inhuman acts mankind has 
birthed out of someplace I cannot even imagine, a song reaches into me 
that soothes and guides, calms, and brings peace.
It is a song that Nature sings, a gift from the Earth for when we need 
to hear, need to believe and find faith. It speaks strongly, and I have 
become the stark stillness of Winter, and I become the knowing. The 
truth lies in the silver snow of night, that all will be okay, all will 
be okay.
 ~ nellie levine 

 "The Rabbit House" is by photographer Jude McConkey and is available through her Etsy Shop.
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  1. "...and I have become the stark stillness of winter."

    I meditate on this.

  2. Oh my gosh this speaks to my heart. I have always been a "winter girl." Beautiful words to go with Jude's beautiful photo. Thank you.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography



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