Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mind Body Spirit Odyssey Book Review: The Evolution of the Spirit

The Evolution of the Spirit
Walter D. Pullen
Ozark Mountain Publishing

Reviewed by Christina M. Dudley

Each of us are travelers embarked upon a journey.  Some of us may arrive at our destination sooner than others, and yet others among us may take different, longer routes. Yet we arrive, nonetheless, at the appointed destination for our course.  As set out as beginners, however, we often find ourselves in need of a guide.

The Evolution of the Spirit, by Walter D. Pullen, may serve as an excellent guide for seekers in need of early direction.  The text itself is rich with detailed descriptions of divinity concepts, karmic laws, spiritual bodies, universal planes and more.  Each chapter contains detailed analyses of its contents, providing the seeker with an informative narrative that not only defines these realms and realities, but describes their importance and their role in the evolution of a seeker's spirituality.   It contains excellent but concisely written details of various disciplines and studies and an overall narrative of the evolution of the mechanics of spirituality, and may best benefit the less seasoned seeker looking for a layout of the demographics and history of spirituality. 

Pullen incorporates into the text details of every aspect of the pursuit of the spirit path:  personal mastery, devotion, meditation, sex, love, and even politics.  As the author illustrates, each of these realms is worthy of attention and study, in order that the seeker and/or student may not only further his or her knowledge of spiritual paths, but increase his or her skill and level of mastery, as well.  Perhaps the most important portion of the text to this reader was Pullen's narrative on the mastery of personality; wherein the author describes not only the importance of the mastering of the self, but also of the emotional and intellectual faculties as a whole, so that a balance of power may be realized in order to gain spiritual maturity. 

It is worth noting, however, that this is not a text that can be engaged lightly.  A student must devote time to reading the text, and then, as this reader did, perhaps re-reading it again, with a focus on each chapter as a separate setting.   With this in mind, its quite possibly one of the most essential reads for any neophyte, and the text itself may well accomplish the author's goal, which in his words are "not to say "this is the answer," but rather "to inspire and encourage people more about spirituality"  and to ultimately find their own path.  
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