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Mind Body Spirit Odyssey 2011 Gift Picks

The Holiday Season is upon us, and once again we have put together some of our favorite Mind Body Spirit related items that we found online this year.  Some of these products may be familiar to you because they were previously featured on the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace Facebook Page, which is updated with new items everyday.  Others are personal favorites.  Some of the products are handcrafted and available from independent shop owners; others are traditionally manufactured and sold through online retail sites.

I'd like to thank Abby Horowitz from Abby Horowitz Designs for selecting some of her favorites to add to our list this year.  For additional gift ideas revisit our 2010 Holiday Gift Pick list.

A lot to look at and enjoy.  I'm sure you'll find something for everyone on your list - and even for yourself!

I hope your Holiday Season is a healthy and happy one.  Stay positive and thank you for following our Facebook Page and supporting our blog.

                                                                                          ~ diane fergurson

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Abby's Gift Picks

I first discovered Diana Bower’s work on Etsy.  She creates wonderful
ceramic mugs, bowls. platters, candle trays, pendants, earrings.  She infuses
the clay with Reiki energy and embellishes them with images of crop circles.
These special elements make her work so original and one of a kind.
What wonderful gifts! Truly magical!
I love this pair of custom made coffee mugs! 

Sue O’Keiffe creates beautiful digital Mandalas from the natural world
around her. Recently she began a new series of Mandalas based on the newly
discovered Auralite Crystal. You can read all about it on her website.
In her shop you will also find a wonderful selection of Mandala
greeting cards.

Miranda Gray Studio
Miranda makes the most wonderful prayer flags from organic cotton.
I love these Hanuman Ganesh Prayer Flags.  What a great gift they
would make!
Glimmering Gems  
You’ll find one of a kind gemstones, crystals, and minerals at GlimmeringGems.
This Amethyst Stalactite Pendant Druzy Slice is definitely a favorite of mine.
What a beautiful necklace it would make.  You’ll find an amazing selection of
wonderful gift items in this shop. Make sure to check it out!
Catfishcreek Candles
I’ve purchased quite a few beeswax candles from this shop over the
past year.  I'm especially in love these Buddha Head Candles.  I have one
in each color! The natural beeswax scent is heavenly!  You’ll find
something for everyone here!
Star Essences
A few months ago I purchased several flower essences from
this website.  They create vibrationally infused remedies made from
living, organic, wild crafted flowers and specially selected precious
and semiprecious gemstones.  They are simply wonderful!  There are
essences that will assist in every aspect of your life.
Definitely worth checking out!
Young Living Essential Oils 
I’ve been using these oils for many years.  They make wonderful
Gifts!They can be used for so many things and on so many levels:
physical, emotional, spiritual.  There are so many to choose from.
See what resonates for you or that special someone.
Indira Govindan creates jewelry, arts and crafts inspired by India and donates
all the proceeds to the Sukriti Social Foundation, which support handicapped children
and adults in India.  You will find hand made journals, jewelry,
hand painted decorated boxes, yoga art, silk sari scarfs, and beautiful wall art.
You’re sure to find that perfect gift in her shop!

 The Hidden Messages in Water 2012 Wall Calendar

This calendar presents the revolutionary work of renowned scientist
Masaru Emoto, who has discovered that molecules of water are affected
by our thoughts, words and feelings.
If you haven’t read his books, you are in for a treat.  This wonderful
gift item and so many more can be found on the Shamans Market website.

Soul Connection Double Dream Catchers.
I’m always on the lookout for DreamCatchers and when I discovered this
website I think I hit the jackpot!  So many special ones to choose
from. I had never seen a double one before. Here’s what they have to
say about them: “Soul Connection Double Dream Catchers. It is by
sharing ourselves with another that we come to truly learn about who
we are. Soul Connection Dream Catchers honor this relationship between
two people. This beautiful dreamcatcher is detailed with feathers and
a Swarovski crystal.”  This one will be on my Christmas wish list for
Thank you Abby!
Jewelry by Abby Horowitz can be found in her shop on Etsy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Diane's Gift Picks

The Elemental Alchemist designs jewelry that reflect the natural and organic world.
Rough, raw cut stones and unusual mineral specimens are combined with a variety
of metals to create this stunning, unique work.  This seller is located in Canada, so
please allow a few weeks for your purchase to arrive.  I have ordered from this shop
several times and have been very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship that goes
into these beautiful jewelry pieces.


If you are interested in Runes or know someone who would like a set as a gift,
Lilya at Spellbinderscorp on Etsy creates the most beautiful hand carved and
painted rune sets. The sets are made from naturally shed Deer Antler bone and varied high
quality Gemstones.  Each set is cleansed before it is shipped, and also
comes with information on their use.  Great gift idea!
If you are interested in learning more about Casting the Runes, here is a link to an article Spellbinderscorp shared with our blog earlier this year.
Children's Animal Spirit Cards by Dr. Steven D. Farmer

I did a review on this set of cards recently for the blog.  The Children's Animal
Spirit Card set has won a multitude of awards from Parent and Education groups.
Beautiful illustrations...  In the introduction to the deck, the author explains that
animals are  unique expressions of Spirit/God, and that where they appear as a symbol,
dream, statue - or even through the cards - there is an  important message that is trying to be communicated through that particular animal.  The cards can act as a catalyst for guidance and support.
They can also be used as a tool to open up a discussion between the parent and child
using the animal, it's qualities and purpose as a focal point.

This deck can be ordered directly from Satiama, the publisher or through Amazon.
Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition
by Terry and Linda Jamison (The Psychic Twins)

I'll admit I wasn't that familiar with the Jamison Twins and their work until I
saw them promoting their book on The View (and personally witnessed them predict
the Hurricane that ravaged the East Coast earlier this year).  They predicted 911
two years before it happened - and the Government shut down their website
at the time as a result.  They claim a 95% accuracy rate for their predictions. That aside,
this book is much more then just predictions. First, it's an interesting look at the relationship
between twins. The book also discuss the connection between the heightened development
of their gifts and their Buddhist Meditation practice.  The one thing that really impressed me
with this book however, was their thorough explanation of the Four Clairs...which
many books on psychic development either gloss over or leave out completely.
This book is a good choice to add to your own Holiday Wish List or to give as a gift to
someone who has an interest in this area.
It can be ordered through Amazon or from their website.

Yucca Bloom

Colorado's Yucca Bloom combines the spirit of the West and Southwest, with a
carefree spirit.  Beautiful designs, good craftsmanship, this shop is a favorite
for sure!
You can find yuccabloom on Etsy.
Aquarian Bath
In her shop, Aquarian Bath, herbalist Cory Trusty offers a variety of
bath and body products that are palm oil free, unscented or lightly scented with only
the purist essential oils.  Aromatherapy items, Holiday gifts, gift sets and kits.
If you have any questions or particular needs, you can always contact her too.
Available through her store on Etsy and also through her website.

Jude McConkey Photos

Michigan photographer Jude McConkey has a new item in her shop!  A gorgeous
monthly calendar featuring her beautiful art photography.  To learn more about this
artist and her work, you can read the artist interview we did with her earlier this
year on our blog.
The calendar is available through her shop JudeMcConkeyPhotos on Etsy.
The Yankee Woodsmith 

You may remember Ken Cayer, The Yankee Woodsmith from our Holiday Gift Picks last year.
His beautiful meditation benches were featured. This year we noticed that Ken has been
designing altars. The gorgeous altar pictured above was handcrafted out of ash and mahogany. To learn more about Ken and his stunning work, visit his website. 
Quinoa, The Everyday Superfood 365 by Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming

I originally purchased this book in Canada when it was first published in 2010.
Since then it has gone on to be an International Best Seller.  If you or
someone you know is looking to introduce new grains into your diet or if you
just like to cook...this book is for you!  Great recipes...beautifully designed!
Available through Amazon.

Probably one of the more unique items I've come across this year, the gorgeous
Ojos de Dios by Jay Mohler is the perfect gift selection for anyone interested in
spirituality and art.  Jay starting making Ojos de Dios back in his hippie days,
in the late 60's, after seeing Ojos sent as part of an exhibit sent by the Dalai Lama
of Tibet.  The Ojos from Tibet were almost exactly the same as ojos he'd
seen earlier made by Hucholes in Mexico. Over the years, Jay has evolved his own
work to 12-sided designs which he believe encompasses the patterns of many
beliefs systems around the world.
Available through his shop, JaysMandalas, on Etsy.

These lighted Geode sculptures from Colorado artist CrowsFeathers on Etsy are just
beyond amazing. What does the name "Crows Feathers" mean? In Native American folklore
the Crow is often associated with magic & change...bringing thought into physical
form, transformation, the passing from one realm into another. These pieces start much
in the same way: first, a feeling/thought that slowly transforms into a physical form
- a different reality/dimension (the artwork). Each piece being one of a kind.
Pictured above: Tree Of Life Winter Ancient Spirit sculpture on polished lamp;
natural Brazil Geode Agate slice with Citrine Quartz Crystals added.
Available in their shop on Etsy.

These beautiful note cards from Colorado photographer Julie Magers Soulen were one
of the highest viewed items during 2011 on our Facebook Page.  Just gorgeous!
You can find them in Julie's shop on Etsy, along with her other stunning work!

Original Artwork, Prints and Jewelry by 
Diane Fergurson can be found in her shops on Etsy 
and ArtFire. 
*Follow our daily updates for the Mind Body Spirit
Marketplace on Facebook. 
Enjoy your Holiday Season! 


  1. Dear Abby & Diane:
    You have both put together great lists! I'm very honored that you have included my pottery among them. I will be joyfully exploring the shops of the other gift ideas offered too. These are all gifts that I would adore!
    Thank you so much!
    Diana Brower
    Crop Circle Clay

  2. Dear Diane and Abby,
    Your gift selections for 2011 are perfect, and I am honored to be included with these other fine artists. Thanks so much for including the mandalas with a mention of the auralite crystals.
    Have a lovely holiday season.

    Bright blessings,
    Sue O'Kieffe
    Sacred Circle Mandalas

  3. Hi Diane and Abby!

    Your selections are diverse and beautiful. I am honored to have my Colorado wildflower note cards included! Wishing you both, and everyone else, the brightest and happiest this holiday season.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  4. Both lists are filled with beautiful selections! Thanks, Abby and Diane, for the lovely suggestions for gifts!



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