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2012 Year of the Water Dragon

Scholars consider Chinese astrology to be one of the world's oldest forms of Astrology.  Unlike the other Moon-school traditions; Tibetan, Vedic and Judaic, which are couched in religion, Chinese astrology is purely secular, a direction shared by Sun-school astrologies (Western and Arabian).

Ming Shu (Circle of Animals), is just one form of Chinese astrology, but it seems to be the one that is most commonly recognized by westerners.  This system is what Sun signs are to Western astrology, meaning, you only have to know the year of your birth to create a general personality profile.  Like all of the world's major astrological traditions however, a person's time, date and place of birth are essential to create an accurate, true birth chart.

2012 is the year of the water Dragon.  Although there are general behavioral patterns associated with the Dragon sign, the delineation is further augmented according to which element (earth, metal, fire, water, wood) happens to be in control the year that you are born.  For example, the personality of a fire dragon is very different from that of a water dragon.

Persons born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Dragon," while also bearing the following elemental sign:
  • 16 February 1904 – 3 February 1905: Wood Dragon
  • 3 February 1916 – 22 January 1917: Fire Dragon
  • 23 January 1928 – 9 February 1929: Earth Dragon
  • 8 February 1940 – 26 January 1941: Metal Dragon
  • 27 January 1952 – 13 February 1953: Water Dragon
  • 13 February 1964 – 1 February 1965: Wood Dragon
  • 31 January 1976 – 17 February 1977: Fire Dragon
  • 17 February 1988 – 5 February 1989: Earth Dragon
  • 5 February 2000 – 23 January 2001: Metal Dragon
  • 23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013: Water Dragon
  • 10 February 2024 – 28 January 2025: Wood Dragon
A earth dragon needs to control his or her environment.  This person is quiet and understands the value of cooperation, but he or she still needs to lead in an executive and dignified manner.

A fire dragon is highly dramatic and competitive.  This person has elevated expectations, demanding to be heard and obeyed.  The criticisms this person imparts are completely constructive, however, all advice is objective.

A metal dragon is strong-willed, critical, and very difficult to sway, but this person also inspires others.
Everything must be done with integrity and honor; laziness and stupidity are never tolerated.

A water dragon believes in growth and expansion.  To that end, this person puts aside personal opinion, but maintains a strong will and wields remarkable patience.

A wood dragon has a creative mind and the ability to develop revolutionary ideas.  This person is compulsively inquisitive at times and can be condescending toward others.  He or she generally hides a domineering spirit, but can still be very outspoken.

*Information for this post was taken from Miller and Brown's "The Complete Astrological Handbook for the Twenty-first Century"; Understanding and Combining the Wisdom of Chinese, Tibetan, Vedic, Arabian, Judaic, and Western Astrology.

The dragon graphic is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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