Friday, January 6, 2012

The All Seeing Eye

This week someone asked me about the artwork that we use as the profile picture on our Facebook and Tumblr pages.  Oh, I replied - you mean the All Seeing Eye?

The symbolism associated with the All Seeing Eye has been used throughout the ages by variety of cultures and groups.  Spiritually the eye is closely associated with the idea of light and spirit and is often referred to as "the mirror to the soul".  It represents the "god within" or third eye which signifies the higher self - part of the consciousness of man that is ego free and, can guide and direct him.

The eye is probably familiar to most of us though as part of the design of the Great Seal of the United States of America.  It appears on the US Dollar Bill - set inside a triangle surrounded by rays of light.  Also known as the Eye of Providence - God watching over mankind - this symbol traces back to Freemasonry - where it stands for "Great Architect of the Universe". This eye appears in Christian symbolism too.  

All of the variations on this popular eye symbol, however, eventually lead back to the Egyptian Eye of Horus, or Udjat.  This stylized eye, with the brow above it and curlique underneath, represents the omnipresent vision of the Sun God Horus.  It is a prominent symbol within Western magical tradition where it symbolizes, among other things, secret or occult wisdom.

The artwork with All Seeing Eye that we us as the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace profile picture was taken from a mixed media ACEO Art Card that was part of a series I designed a few years ago.  As with all of my artwork I prefer the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the meaning. 

 ~ diane Fergurson

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  1. The all seeing eye has been in art museums and dollar bills for years. I wonder who conducted the eye test for this patient?



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