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Mind Body Spirit Book Review: A Spiritual Evolution

A Spiritual Evolution
Nikki Pattillo
Ozark Mountain Publishing 2011

Author Nikki Pattillo is back.  You may remember this author from reading her previous book, Children of the Stars.  Well as they say good things come in small packages, and those were my exact thoughts when I finished reading her new book A Spiritual Evolution.

Written and presented in a very simple and concise way, Pattillo reminds us in her book that we are all on a spiritual journey. Actually a spiritual evolution that is currently taking place on Earth.  As a result of taking this journey, over time humanity's vibrational frequencies have become elevated and we have changed, as a whole, for the better.  This evolution/ascension and it's adjustments have not come without difficulty however.  Bringing together the higher and lower aspects of ourselves can be very difficult for people to do even under the best of circumstances.  How we choose to conduct ourselves and the life choices we make every day determine how difficult this alignment is for us individually.

A Spiritual Evolution provides an overview and explanation of the basic spiritual guidelines and principals that we should all know and follow.  It encourages us to make choices and live our lives with positive intent.  Although Pattillo maintains that she learned these spiritual principles through her Angels, they are also the same basic spiritual core content that you will find inherent in almost any religion or spiritual practice.  To me it really doesn't matter where these spiritual principals originated.  What's important is that we know that they exist.  That we remind ourselves of them daily and try to apply them to our lives.

There is an array of topics discussed in this book.  Pattillo's clear and concise explanation of Karma and Reincarnation is probably one of the best that I have ever read (and I have been reading spiritual topics since my childhood).  There are also sections on manifesting abundance into your life, meditation, and compassion.  How important it is to connect to humanity to help uplift the general consciousness and awareness.  As she quotes author/illustrator Joan Walsh Anglund: "One seed can start a garden; one drop can start a sea; one doubt can start a hating; one dream can set you free."

There are several sections in particular that I enjoyed in A Spiritual Evolution.  In the chapter, Spiritual Lessons in a Spiritual Evolution, Pattillo gives a list she refers to as "The Golden Compass of Spiritual Lessons".  It's basically a spiritual Golden Rule - 8 things we should all remember and try to incorporate into our lives on a daily basis.  Some examples include;  Live life in Forgiveness, Be grateful, and Don't judge others - we don't know what their life purpose is...which gave me pause for thought. Yes, we all know we should refrain from judging others.  But do we all remember that if someone is having a less then desirable life or has had something bad happen to them, then maybe they are actually working though a life lesson?  That one idea alone can completely alter our perception of others, making us more compassionate and loving as a result.

In the chapter Path of Awakening there is a list of 25 principals we should remember that, if applied, will help guide us more smoothly down our life path.  Examples include:  Everything in life is related, No one soul is superior to another, Belief creates, and There is a higher purpose. 

A Spiritual Evolution pulls from a variety of sources and that's one of the reasons why I think this book is so well rounded.  Quotes from Buddhist and Taoist text, Native American belief systems, Christianity and contemporary authors and life coaches.  At the conclusion of the books there is also a list and explanation of the seven archangels that are found in a number of religious traditions.

I would recommend this thoughtful, uplifting book to anyone.  Well done Nikki Pattillo!

A Spiritual Evolution is available on Amazon.

~ diane fergurson

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