Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Review: Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology For Beginners
by Heather Alicia Lagan
Llewellyn Publications

I've studied numerology on and off for a number of years as a hobbyist, but it wasn't until I came across Heather Alicia Lagan's new book Chaldean Numerology For Beginners, that I was not only surprised to learn that there was another system of numerology, but that it is actually more accurate.

According to the author, the Chaldean system differs from Western Numerology (the Pythagorean system) in a number of ways.  For example, the Chaldeans were essentially the first to recognize the energetic qualities of numbers and letters.  They connect vibrations to sounds and numbers, and numbers to letters.  As Lagan's explains in her book, the Chaldeans looked beyond the name and birth date to the individual energies and specific vibrations that resonate within them.  The Pythagorean system, on the other hand, is based on sequential patterns rather then sound vibration.

The treatment of the number 9 is another major difference between the two schools.  The Chaldean system does not include 9 in their calculations because it was considered to be a scared/spiritual number.  However it can be found in the name total.  There is also a difference in the treatment given to the present name that a person is using,  calculations are not just figured from the birth name.
According to the book, birth date and month are calculated for your life path number in the Chaldean system - but I noticed, not the birth year.  That's something I would like a further explanation about, since no particular reason was given (that I was able to find).

Chaldean Chart
I could write on and on about all of the interesting things I found out in this book, but I will leave that for you to discover when you read it.  I will say that although my personal numbers were different within the two systems - the Chaldean being much more accurate and specific - I could still find the same core essence (of myself) present within my Pythagorean numbers.  That pretty much confirms the belief that who you really are will resonate and shine through within any type of analysis or divination method.

This is a wonderfully written book.  Very clear and well thought out.  It also gives the reader insights and information on basic spiritual principals and beliefs, which is very important in assisting with the overall understanding of our daily lives and life purpose.

If you study numerology definitely pick this book up and add it to your collection.
Pythagorean Chart
If you're new to numerology - start here.

Chaldean Numerology for Beginners is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and also Llewellyn.

~ diane fergurson

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