Friday, June 8, 2012

Yantras (kolam) for the Sun

Kolam (Mandala) the Sun

Navagraha kolams are yantras (tantric drawings) drawn to propitiate the planets and to invoke their blessings. These yantras for the the planets are said to originate from Soundarya Lahiri, a poem composed in praise of Devi by Sankara. Though yantras are typically etched on a copper plate, kolam is drawn in front of the home shrine using rice flour or can be drawn on paper also.

The image above is the kolam for the Sun. The line drawing is the kolam; I have added color and embellishments. Here are some significant astrological details regarding the Sun, the most important of nine grahas (planets):

Name in Sanskrit: Surya
Sign: Simha (Leo)
Day of the week: Ravivar (Sunday)
Direction: East
Season: Grishma (summer)
Nature: mildly malefic
Kaalapurusha rulership: Soul
Gender: Masculine
Father of: Yama (god of death) and Saturn (planet)

Karaka (significator): 1st and the 10th house
Exalted: Aries 10 deg; Moolatrikona sign: Leo 0-20 deg
Directional strength: 10th house
Natural friends: Jupiter, Mars and the Moon
Represents: Father, government, authority, temple
Represents (physical): Bones, heart, eyesight, head
Lordship of nakshatras (lunar mansions): Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashada
Dasa length: 6 years
Favorable in houses: 3, 6, 10 and 11
Aspects: the 7th house from itself
Yogas: budhaaditya , veshi, voshi and ubhayachari 

Represents: devotion to lord Shiva

Navagraha Kirtana: Surya murte namostuthe by Muthuswami Dikshithar

Temples: The Sun Temple at Konarak, Orissa, India

Suriyanar Koil at Thirumangalakkudi, Tamilnadu, India

Mantra to chant: Om suryaya namah

Note: You may copy the kolam for your personal use.

~ I'd like to thank Indira Govindan, DharmaKarmaArts, for sharing this wonderful post with us ~

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