Monday, July 2, 2012

Mind Body Spirit Odyssey Book Review: Journey Into Oneness

Journey Into Oneness
by Paul Goldman
O Books

I read so many glowing comments about Paul Goldman's Journey Into Oneness, I requested a copy to review for the Mind Body Spirit Odyssey - and I was not disappointed. 

Journey Into Oneness is book of beautiful poetry that takes the reader on a journey of passage.  Finding out who you are, being grateful for all you are, awakening to love, and experiencing the clarity of connecting to the Universal Oneness and divinity that binds us all together.

The world is full of problems.  Everyday we read or see on television the immense pain and suffering around us.  To counterbalance, we need to bring as many positive things into our lives as we can.  You should consider adding this beautiful book of poetry as one of those positive things to your life and bookshelf.  A very uplifting and beautiful read!

From Paul Goldman's Journey Into Oneness:

This Big

Heart wide open,
I soar past moons,
suns, stars, even
galaxies to once again
find you,
right in the midst
of where
you have

 Available through Amazon.

~ diane fergurson

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