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Spiritual Warrior - Conversations With Healer Darren Orr

Nature Forest Print by Jude McConkey

"Spirituality not practiced under fire, stress and duress is worthless and pointless.
If you practice in the hopes of attaining everlasting peace--you're deluded and
in stasis. Its easy for anyone to be happy, calm, peaceful when everything seems
perfect. Can you still remain centered, balanced, happy and peaceful when your
life falls apart?? ---that's the true test of a spiritual warrior   ~DO~

MBS:  I was reading a quote you had on your FaceBook page the other day (above)
and it referred to a person being or developing into a "spiritual warrior".
I know that the term "spiritual warrior" gets thrown thrown around pretty loosely sometimes to describe all kinds of situations and issues pertaining to spiritual attainment.
So I my question is, what is it to be a spiritual warrior?

 Darren:  My definition of a spiritual warrior would be: One who can face and embrace the
 fears within their own minds.  Having the discipline to delve deep within ones
 own darkness on a daily basis. As Lao Tzu states in the Dao darkness within
 darkness the gateway to all understanding. It takes courage to be a spiritual
 warrior and look at oneself truthfully openly and fearlessly, accepting oneself
 in its totality, the light and the dark, bringing harmony to your own duality. 

 Many believe a warrior to be one who kills or destroys, especially from
 an external perspective of soldiers, the military and war. This is not what
 I'm talking about. A spiritual warrior does not kill or destroy they transform
 and transmute. This is what the Daoists were really referring to when you read
 about alchemy. It's a transformation process where you transmute the base elements
 of yourself (fear, anger, negativity) and use them as compost to grow new life
--unconditional love, health and healing. This is also what the resurrection means
 in a broader symbolic form. You die or let go of the old and use it so new life can
 be born. This is why to train as a spiritual warrior no matter the system, they use
 the breath. As you inhale you take in new life and as you exhale you release all
 that is unwanted. To become conscious of that exchange and interchange between the 2
 on a moment to moment basis allows you to fully experience the grandeur,
 beauty and majesty of life and fulfill your destiny in this lifetime. 

It's so easy in spiritual circles to literally get caught up in spiritual samsara--
thinking everything is all light. They use the teachings as way to distract themselves
from themselves keeping it superficial so they don't have to face their darkness,
pain, fear and negative habitual patterns. The other common misconception is many
mistakenly think a teacher, guru or sifu is going to save you. No one can save you.
You are the only one that can save you. That realization that this path of the spirit
is in it's essence a solitary journey and you must trek within the uncharted internal
terrain of your deepest darkest fears alone and face them alone is the path of the
spiritual warrior. Each persons life is unique unto themselves, no can live your life
for you or give you some magical pill or key to health, healing, enlightenment or any
other desire. The teacher can only point the way back to your spirit. The warrior must
walk the path and navigate the dangers along the way. The more the teachers words are
aligned with their actions and life experiences, the more powerful and profound the
example will be. 

I have two living examples of a spiritual warrior that I get to witness, learn from and
love. My father Donald Orr and my teacher pointing the way for me by how he has and
continues to live, Ted Cibik.
Both have endured, faced and embraced hardships that would cripple most people yet
they choose to live, thrive and survive daily. The true test of spiritual warrior is
when everything is gone, and your life is on the line, how do you respond?

Darren Orr is a Doctor of Classical Chinese Medicine in Medical QiGong Therapy with a specialization in Dao-yin. He is currently training in ShenGong to be a Formless Daoist Priest. He is a Medical QiGong Master, nationally certified massage, bodywork and somatic therapist, Reiki Master, sound healer, Dao yoga, Dao Yin and meditation teacher. Darren is an A-Z practitioner specializing in life-altering illness, palliative care for the terminally ill, bereavement services for family, cancer, PTSD, fibromyalgia, addiction, mental/emotional imbalances, chronic pain and stress management as well as preventative medicine. CEU courses, lectures, workshops, seminars, classes, qi parties, and corporate wellness programs also available. Serving the tri-state area in a triangle from Philadelphia to NYC to Atlantic City Nj. Long Distance therapy also available.
You can contact Darren at:

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Nature Forest Print is courtesy of photographer Jude McConkey.  Prints are available through her

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