Thursday, April 11, 2013

Enlightenment and Empowering Others

The following excerpts were taken from the book Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman.
  Wise words, and good food for thought.

Numinous Reflection

"Shifting consciousness is an important aspect of your world service.  You shift consciousness by empowering people.  People make changes when they have new insights and perceptions.  They make changes when someone reaches them at the deepest part of their being and touches them with love.

True service comes in moments when there is openness, love, and a lack of boundaries between you and another.  It comes when you feel your equality, recognize the other person's divinity, and act in a way that empowers him or her.  It comes when you link with a higher power and, through your alignment, allow a greater good to come to both of you.  You connect with the other person's Higher Self, and each of you comes away expanded.  In those moments you have become the teacher as well as the student.

Empowerment is different then simply helping people.  If people are hungry, you give them food and help them temporarily.  They are empowered when you teach them to get food for themselves and they can eat on an ongoing basis.  If you are a healer, you can keep "fixing" people's problems, or you can teach them how to solve their own problems.  Empowerment means teaching people skills they can use to take charge of their own lives rather them out of recurring problems....

When you assist people, perhaps helping them find solutions to problems, they either remain the same or make positive changes in their lives.  If they make the changes, you have shifted their consciousness and made a true contribution to them.  Then they will have more choices and higher visions of themselves, which they can use to create better lives.

To shift consciousness you need to recognize where you can truly make a difference.  It requires knowing when people are open to growing and giving them assistance only if they are ready.  This way, you will gain much energy from your contact, and your time with this person will contribute to your spiritual growth.....

Consciousness can be shifted in simple ways.  When you are with children or friends, focus on what you can do that will create a shift for them.  When you meet people, think of what you can contribute to them, not what you will get from them....

It is important to know when to assist people and when not to.

It takes a certain amount of energy to shift someone's consciousness to a higher level.  It is important to learn how much energy to put out to create the shift.  You may have experienced helping someone with just a few words of advice.  He or she made changes and solved the problem.  You probably felt good and energized by the exchange.

You may have had other exchanges with friends in which you poured a lot of energy into assisting them, but the recurring problem never got solved.  You probably felt drained, for the energy you put out didn't create any lasting changes in their lives.  If you choose the wrong time to help or if the person is not open to growing, you will put out much energy with little result. You also need to learn how much energy you are capable of shifting so that you do not take on more than you can handle.

The higher your consciousness, the more of a penalty you pay for putting your energy where it doesn't create a shift.  You may feel tired or drained, or even get sick.  When you create a shift, you feel charged with energy and your radiance increases.  As you grow, you will want to be increasingly alert to whom and what you are putting your time and energy into and the results you are or aren't creating.

If people feel like burdens, it is a sign that "carrying" them is not for their higher good.  You may be taking away their lessons and slowing down their growth.  They may become dependent on you and stop taking responsibility for making their own lives work.  People who are growing rapidly from your assistance will not feel like burdens....

To serve others you will need compassion and the ability to detach.  Compassion is helping people understand what they are learning and empowering them to see their gifts in what they are experiencing.  It is watching others go through their lessons the way they have chosen to experience them, knowing that though they may be suffering at the personality level, their suffering will help them give birth to a new, stronger self.  Assist them by focusing on all the gifts their problems are offering them, such as teaching them about self love, compassion, patience, inner strength, and other positive qualities."

 Numinous Reflection courtesy of Karen Casey-Smith.
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