Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tragic Events - Be Mindful About What You Are Viewing

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved or connected to the recent tragic
 events in Boston and Texas.  Just a gentle reminder, as horrific as the tragic events are...and as much as we would like to be constantly informed about updates...if there is one thing we all 
should have learned from 911 - it's NOT healthy to sit glued to the TV or in front of the computer or Twitter all day, absorbing all the trauma and fear. It's not good for your mental health.
 Check back to the news several times a day to keep yourself informed, but don't become a victim to the mass media. Don't allow yourself to be put in that position...and please do not
 let yourself keep absorbing all those vibrations.
 Prayers and silence work much better then allowing yourself to view a
 constant barrage of negative imagery ~

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photo - diane fergurson

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