Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Continuum of Life

"I can hear the cries of the trees and the forest as they, with gentle power, unfold
 and struggle to proclaim their right to make
 a contribution to the harmony, health, beauty, and peace of the planet.  
They struggle to proclaim this in the only way they can.  I hear the unity of the birds 
as they send their ethereal sounds, harmonizing the air.  
I watch the instinctive movements and sounds of all
the animals that walk and crawl on the face of the earth as they try their best to
 harmonize and respond to the laws of nature.  
I can see and hear the rhythmic 
motion and intelligent communications of
all the life forms that swim the waters of the planet proclaiming the majesty
 and beauty of their Creator.  
All of these forms, infused with life and purpose, are expressing a magnificent
spirit, power, and force:  the URGE TO BE.

~ Dr. Lonnie C. Edwards

photo: The Tetons in Wyoming
by diane fergurson

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