Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Glass, Astrologically Half Empty

My husband and I recently found ourselves cleaning out my mother's apartment so that we could move her into an Assisted Living facility.  As I went through her library, I was amazed to find book after book after book, on how to be positive and live a good life.  I'm talking about old books.  Books that she has had and referred to for at least 50 or 60 years.

As long as I can remember my mother strived to be a positive person.  Considering that she was someone who managed to envision the worst possible outcome for every conceivable seniaro known to man, and that gloom and doom seemed to dominate her outlook on life, and I'm sure there were times when it was very difficult for her to maintain any kind of positive balance what so ever.  Looking back, her attitude often made me quite tired.   But, I really don't think I truly appreciated how difficult her efforts to be positive must have been for her at the time.

Today I was looking on Facebook and took special note of all the beautiful, positive quotes that normally pop up every morning in my feed.  I know, those are the pages that I select.  Who I choose to friend and who I want to see in my feed.   No, I don't care to see who got drunk last night, or what political spew is trending for the day.  The people and pages that I view are the ones who gently remind me to be happy, centered, and hopefully, more enlightened.  I thought about my mother again as I looked through my feed.  How she off handily would joke that I could somehow manage see the sunshine no matter how rotten the situation.  Yes, I suppose there's truth in that, but is it something that naturally occurs within me? What I naturally gravitate towards?  Do I seek out the constant prompts and reminders?  Or, do they seek me?

A few weeks ago I found my mother's natal chart tucked away in a book that I had shipped home.  My mom was a pretty astute astrologer.  Definitely ahead of her time in many ways, especially given that she grew up and lived her life in a conservative area of the Midwest.   Evidently she had commissioned her own birth chart to be drawn up by a respected astrologer sometime in the early 1950's.  As I looked it over, there plain as day in the interpretation, the astrologer had written - "try as they may, this individual will probably always manage to view life through a half empty glass", and that "they should seek to overcome this tendency during this lifetime".

I was surprised, though not surprised when I read that, yet I couldn't help but wonder.  How set in stone are our lives as designated by our birth charts?  Sure, we can strive to live good positive lives and be the best we can be, but if you are given a predetermined set of parameters to function in within this lifetime, with specific karmic constraints in your path, are you still destined to function within the confines of those set measures?  Can an individual only improve so much or progress so far in this lifetime?  Maybe.  It's a very interesting subject if you think about it.  There are certainly a variety of religious and philological beliefs and interpretations that explore those questions, yet alone the opinions of those who study and practice astrology.

As I write this article and my thoughts continue to wonder, I should point out that if you are a student of astrology or metaphysics and have never had a proper chart drawn up by a respected astrologer, you really should.  My mother, of course, had mine drawn up at birth.  I have to say, it has provided invaluable insights into by life over the years.  I have definitely benefited from knowing what my personal sinkholes are, and also when and how to not fly too close to the Sun, so that I do not become my own Icras.
Going through your birth chart when you are in your 20's vs your 50's is also an eye opener.  The years just affirm and reaffirm what was charted so long ago - what you've noticed about yourself and the trends in your life over the passing years. 

Getting back to subject of positive living and half empty glasses -
In my birth chart did the astrologer say that I would also probably view life through a half empty glass?

You can probably guess -

Not hardly.

Here's to you mom.
You certainly get an A for effort anyway ~

enjoy your day


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