Friday, April 18, 2014

Earthly Mother

Earthly Mother Primal, Pure, Perfect
Wholeness of life - love giving of itself
She is the light of the earth
Ever flowing - all in all
Follow her light from the visible
to the invisible within your innermost self
Then the vastness of your vision
transcends the physical eye
It is then the body becomes suffused
with a light love and beauty
We then know this love light and beauty
To be the Divine Spring within us
The living waters flowing outwards upon all earth life
Your Earthly Mother's law is Reverence for life
Become this law then your body given you
by your Earthly Mother will never know
disease nor death.

                                                                                                WILLIAM RICKETTS

** Hidden deep in an Australian rainforest, the clay sculptures of William Ricketts express the Aborigines’ deep connection with Mother Nature.
Born in 1898, William Ricketts was an Australian sculptor and potter who developed a spiritual bond with the Aboriginal people of Central Australia. The time he spent with them, between 1949 and 1960 inspired his works in Potter’s Sanctuary (now known as William Ricketts Sanctuary).

Earthly Mother photo courtesy of Adam Fergurson 

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