Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mind Body Spirit Questions and Answers: Your Karmic Reward

The more we read, the more we know,
the more we want to know,
and consequently, the more questions we may have.
 In this new series we will look at questions raised by a variety of topics.
Your thoughts and input are encouraged...
and your questions, of course.

Question:  "How can you tell whether a condition that has come upon an individual, good or bad, is the result of Karma, or direct divine decree"?

Answer:  If at any time we receive a rich reward, blessing, opportunity or advantage, let us be thankful for it and realize that whatever may have been the cause that brought it about, it is our responsibility and duty to use it constructively, lovingly and wisely.
That is the lesson - don't over analyze it.

If sorrow, disadvantage or disappointment come to us, instead of trying to search into your past for a probable cause, we should strive to learn the lesson that the situation may include,
and do our best to work through it and overcome it.
We need to try to master the conditions, strengthen our character, and increase our knowledge base so we do not earn a similar experience through any Karmic action in the future. 
Trying to keep this balance within the Universal Law will turn all our experiences and situations, good and bad, to good advantage.  
It will benefit ourselves as well as mankind.

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