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Manifesting Destiny - Conversations With Healer Darren Orr

MBS:  I was having a discussion with some people the other day, and someone made the off handed remark that because of the way that a mutual friend had acted, they predicted that a certain future outcome was inevitable for them.  Another person who was standing with us then made the statement, "you better watch what you say, or you will manifest it."

Will the event really become manifested, or are you really predicting something that's going to happen anyway?  OR, if you really want to expand on that thought, does it have to do with time lines? Could it become manifested on this time line but not another?? Or does it even get that involved at all???  lol

Autumn Decor, Tree Reflection Print by Jude McConkey
Darren:  Yes it gets that involved and everything you mentioned is factored into the equation and outcome and probably alot more haha! You are doing both: it's being manifested because you said it and you are seeing the fruition of a habitual pattern not in balance with your friends destiny.

Everyone has a destiny--a reason why you were born, a reason why you are living at this time on Earth. We can go into this deeper from a Classical Chinese medicine perspective but it must be in person because truth cannot be expressed in words on paper or over the cloud, only through a direct vibrational experience.

Yes, you are predicting something that is going to happen. If you are friends with someone else and overtime you come to understand their mind (patterns, behaviors, habits) then it is relatively easy to predict outcomes based on past behavior. What do most people use as the basis of their current experience and future decisions?---their past. So the past, for most, informs their future without them ever being present of the only moment that they are alive---now and now and now!!  Or, for most people, even being aware that this pattern exists - which is most unfortunate. As my teachers teacher states "anyone who doesn't live in the present moment is committing a form of spiritual suicide" and thus cannot fulfill their mandate from heaven or destiny in this lifetime. 

The question becomes, are your choices and actions in life based on your true nature and your own spirit?  That truthful internal voice?  Or, is your truth stifled and unduly influenced by external sources family, friends, media, Internet, society, religion, culture???  Or, are you simply an amalgamation of these factors?  Or... have you even bothered to take the time to understand your own mind???
That is an important question to ask oneself.

It is worthless to read and reiterate someone else's words, practices, forms, teachings. All of those came from one who originally thought outside the box, a true independent thinker. This is what my lineage, Formless Daoism and Inner Strength teaches as it's foundation--to be an independent thinker.  The most meaningful teaching comes directly from one's own experience. All else is fallacy and plagiarism. You must speak and live your own truth. You are utterly unique. Over 70 trillion combinations of genes and cells and you are a unique combination and manifestation never seen before in creation and never to be seen again.

So, why follow anyone but your own spirit?  The greatest master you will ever find resides inside your own Being.
The teacher is so necessary and revered in every culture because it points you back to your own spirit -- the uniqueness which holds and enfolds all which if you connect with it while living, will unfold and manifest your destiny in this lifetime.

Everyone is a creator. Everyone creates their own life.  Even if they abdicate that responsibility and play the martyr or victim role they still choose the filtered glasses with which they choose to see the world through and act upon.  It can become manifest in this timeline based on your friends choices or it can be manifested in another dimension or another lifetime.

At this point one needs to look to the highest form of science we in the west know of, quantum physics. We are finding with each new discovery that our most modern scientific method directly correlates to the ancient teachings of many cultures. As the famous physicist David Bohm states "the universe may be nothing more than a hologram of your own Mind".
This is exactly the 'Truth' that QiGong Masters pointed at 8,000 years ago using 'internal' technology.

What does that statement invoke in you?
Does it make you think? 

Depending on the quantum physicist you are quoting there can be anywhere from 3 to 26 dimensions or more. Your choices determine whether the unlimited field of potentiality and possibility is broken into a particle or a wave. Using the metaphor of the ocean, the quantum realm is an ocean of unlimited potentiality and possibilities where your choices take this unlimited wave and break it into 1 path, wave or particle that you surf and that 1 path out of many becomes your so called "reality".   But if there are other dimensions then potentially you are making different decisions in each dimension and each produces a unique outcome and destiny.

Think about that!

Here we can reference the Hiesenburg principle which states simply that the observer changes that which is observed. This has HUGE implications for healing from a medical QiGong perspective but even mores for our scientific method and how research is conducted.

Said in another way- what you give conscious awareness to, you change. Your intention in some aspects has more of an effect on the field of awareness and consciousness, that is life, than do your actions.

From a jing level physical matter perspective, everyone has a timeline. Life is a terminal illness.  From the moment you are born it is a countdown to your death. You only get so many breaths. Can you face that fact and live moment to moment with that awareness, not be fearful and use it to increase your presence in the eternal now?  It's the only thing one can truly count on.  If you are born you will die. The question becomes how are you going to live your death?? The way you live your life is the way you will live your death. We are born with a destiny, but our individual choices from moment to moment affect this destiny and our ability to fulfill and manifest it in our lifetime and within a given time line.  If you don't find the time to deal with and understand your mind in life, you WILL deal with at death, it's your choice.

This is why spiritual disciplines like Medical QiGong were created.  So you can keep your body as healthy, vital and supple for as long as possible.  Regulating the Mind, reducing stress, harmonizing internal and external energies into 1.  Honing your intention to awaken your spirit so you can manifest your own individual, unique destiny in this lifetime for the benefit of all life, both formed and formless.

Darren Orr is a Doctor of Classical Chinese Medicine in Medical QiGong Therapy with a specialization in Dao-yin. He is currently training in ShenGong to be a Formless Daoist Priest. He is a Medical QiGong Master, nationally certified massage, bodywork and somatic therapist, Reiki Master, sound healer, Dao yoga, Dao Yin and meditation teacher. Darren is an A-Z practitioner specializing in life-altering illness, palliative care for the terminally ill, bereavement services for family, cancer, PTSD, fibromyalgia, addiction, mental/emotional imbalances, chronic pain and stress management as well as preventative medicine. CEU courses, lectures, workshops, seminars, classes, qi parties, and corporate wellness programs also available. Serving the tri-state area in a triangle from Philadelphia to NYC to Atlantic City Nj. Long Distance therapy also available.

You can contact Darren at: 

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