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Mind Body Spirit Odyssey 2012 Holiday Gift Picks

The Holiday Season has arrived, and once again Abby Horowitz and I have put together some of our favorite Mind Body Spirit related items that we have found online this year.  Some of these products may be familiar to you because they were previously featured on the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace Facebook Page, which is updated with new items everyday.  Others are personal favorites.  Some of the products are handcrafted and available from independent shop owners, others are traditionally manufactured and sold through online retail sites.

For additional gift ideas I recommend that you revisit our 2011 Holiday Gift Pick List, and even go back and look at our 2010  selections.

A lot to look at and enjoy.  I'm sure you'll find something for everyone on your list - and even for yourself!

I hope your Holiday Season is a healthy and happy one.  Stay positive and thank you for following our Facebook Page and supporting our blog.  Oh, and don't forget to tell your friends about us -  spread the word!

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 Gift Ideas From Diane

Lotus Candle Holder and Candle from Dharma Crafts

This stunning Lotus Candle Holder and candle is from the wonderful catalog and website Dharma Crafts Meditation Supplies.  The site features a large selection of mediation related items and also beautiful handcrafted jewelry.  The candle holder and lotus candle pictured above are sold separately.  Great site!

The Winter Solstice
The Sacred Traditions of Christmas
John Matthews with contributions from Caitlin Matthews
Quest Books

If you, or if you know of someone on your Holiday list, that is interested in the history of different cultural traditions, then this book is really a must.  The Winter Solstice is not a new publication.  In fact I stumbled across my copy in a used book store during my travels this summer.  But it was so well written and beautifully illustrated, it gives the reader a wonderful sense of the history and an understanding of the cultural traditions from many belief systems.  Available on Amazon, new and used.

 Moosup Valley Designs

moosupvalleydesigns creates jewelry, wall plaques and giclee prints that are created from the designs of their one of a kind scrimshaw pieces.  All is Connected pictured above, is a beautiful pin which can be purchased in their beautiful Etsy shop.


If you are a Pug lover or a Cat lover, you are going to fall head over heels for Tyber Katz's wonderful
little Zen sculptures.  They come in a variety of styles and sizes, and really can't help but brighten your day every time you look at them!  Available in their shop on Etsy.


When we featured this stunning Bee Mandala Screen Print Shirt earlier this year as our daily Marketplace feature on our Facebook Page, it was one of the most popular items to be viewed this year.  The Bee Mandala was made to help bring awareness to the devastation of Colony Collapse Disorder and to lend support to the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt is donated to the NAPCC.  This shirt, and many other wonderful mandalas and spirit animal related items by artist Adam Stare are available in his shop astrolaboratory on Etsy.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & Lao Tzu
The Parallel Sayings
by Richard Hooper
Hampton Roads Publishing

Reprinted in May of this year, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & Lao Tzu, The Parallel Sayings is a fascinating little book which organizes and reveals the common spiritual threads and sayings found within the world's major religious traditions.  Organized under topics such as "Suffering" and "Love and Compassion", the quotes of each spiritual leader are presented side by side in columns.  A great gift idea for anyone who is interested in religion, spirituality, philosophy, history or inspiration.  I purchased a copy of this book and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thinking about the wise words it contains.
Available from Amazon.


DeShawnMarie creates a wonderful line of handmade soap that is vegan friendly, cold process, glycerine and organic.  Pictured above is her fabulous Rose Lilac Soap.  For even more selections visit her Etsy Shop or her Website - and don't forget to check out those great gift sets she has available too!

Loving Kindness Blessing from Karen Casey-Smith

When we posted Karen Casey-Smith's Loving Kindness Blessing on our blog, the response to this stunning print and the blessing it contains was enormous.  One of the most beautiful sentiments I've come across in quite awhile.  A beautiful print, and a wonderfully positive gift to give someone on your Holiday list (or to have yourself).  Available in Karen's stunning shop of photography on Etsy.

Veggieyana:  The Dharma of Cooking
by Sandra Garson
Wisdom Publications

Probably one of my favorite cookbooks I've come across this year, Veggieyana is a wonderful collection of recipes of wholesome food from around the world. The recipes are vegetarian, but even non-vegetarians will enjoy the variety of dishes in this book.  Simple ingredients, easy, healthy and delicious.  Can't beat that!  Available on Amazon.

The Raven from Baba Studios Prague

Every season Baba Studios in Prague seem to come out with a new bag or two that just shines above all others.  This year it has to be The Raven...and it's just stunning.  Available in their shop on Etsy.  Note - it may take several weeks after you order for your bag to be made.

Original Artwork, Prints and Jewelry by 
Diane Fergurson can be found in her shops on Etsy 
and ArtFire. 

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Gift Ideas from Abby

Ganapati Studios

I came across a collection of the most wonderful cards from Ganapati Studios at the Rubin Museum
recently.  I bought several of the 5x7 cards and framed them!  They have an online shop where you will find greeting cards, pendants, art prints, journals tote bags, booklets and magnets.  Their wonderful collages will delight your eyes and heart, and will make a great gift!

Tiger House Art

Tiger House Art on Etsy has a wondrous selection of Asian, Celtic, Egyptian Art and Historic Designs.  The prints are sure to make terrific gifts.  Stop by this shop for a journey through space and time.

Soap For Your Soul

Soap For Your Soul makes vegan soap in small batches, using the finest extra virgin olive oil, natural colorants, and over 12 years of soap making experience.  I love the textures, colors and scents.  This husband and wife team create wonderful products sure to make great gifts. 

Robin Wade

I love Robin Wade's magical work.  She focuses on angels, fairies, and strong goddess like figures as they symbolize hope and strength.  Check out her shop on Etsy and you find yourself in an original, whimsical and soulful world.

Peace Blossom Candles

This year I'm going to order this really cool Ganesh candle for stocking suffers.  Peace Blossom Candles are made by Angelika who married into a beekeeping family and uses their pure beeswax to create these beautiful candles.

Solstice Stones

Solstice Stones has a wonderful collection of crystals, minerals and jewelry.  These Moldavite pendants are awesome and are sure to make someone very happy on Christmas day!  Moldavite is born of interplanetary collisions and has an intense frequency which is sought after for it's ability to accelerate our personal and spiritual evolution.  Available in their shop on Etsy.


Mystarrs on Etsy is a shop filled with one of a kind Stained Glass Art Jewelry and keepsakes.  These Tarot Card Necklaces are wonderful!  Stop by Mystarrs' shop to see this artist's very special work!

South Industry
South Industry creates wonderful wallets and bags from vintage Molas.
The vibrant colors and designs are sure to delight that special
someone on your gift list!  Available in their shop on Etsy.
Innovative Stone Art
I recently discovered this Etsy shop and I am enamored with this
talented gentleman’s work.  He creates beautiful stone art sculptures,
garden art, and cast stone wall plaques. From Celtic stone art to
zodiac wall plaques, you’ll find an array of terrific gifts at very
affordable prices!

Sweet Vegan Delight
Sweet Vegan Delight on Etsy has the perfect gifts for your favorite Vegan baker!
This assortment features Ginger Gems, Shortbread, and Snickerdoodle cookie
mixes along with instructions.  Yum!  They also make a luscious assortment of
cookies baked to order! Enjoy!

Thank you Abby!
Jewelry by Abby Horowitz can be found in her shop on Etsy.
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