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The 3 Dantiens and the Chakra System - Conversations with Healer Darren Orr

Question - When you study the healing process from the Taoist perspective, you study the three major energy centers or three dantiens. When you study from an Indian perspective, you study examine the chakra system or even the microchakra system. Chakras seem to be the prevailing perspective that most people are familiar with. What is the difference between the daintiens and the chakras? Do they complement each other? Does one act as an overlay for the other? Is one method more precise for healing then the other?

Darren - The chakras come from the Ancient Indian science of life called Ayurveda. They are widely known in America because they have been in the consciousness since the first Yogis  from India brought Yoga to the US in the late 19th, early 20th century. Buddhists also use the chakra system because Buddha was an Indian prince. A commonly known modern day energetic practice with Buddhist connections is Reiki. But in both the Hindu and Buddhist sacred texts they do commonly refer to the sacred 3 centers within their understanding of the energetic matrix. They call them Granthi. They are 3 energetic or psychic knots that need to be untied, unwound and unbound before Awakening can occur. On a physical and spiritual plane, I'm almost positive there was cross cultural diffusion between the ancient Indian and Chinese models, which would explain why they have so many similarities.

The  Daoists are widely known to utilize the 3 treasures of Jing, Qi and Shen located within the 3 Dantiens. For those in the West familiar with the terms, it comes primarily from the growing influence of Medical QiGong and the internal martial arts.   Many are unaware of QiGong because it's relatively new. The word QiGong was coined in the 1960's, prior to that, for thousands of years in China it was referred to as Dao-yin or Do-In.

I think what needs to be understood is that there is an energetic matrix. It is designed to be intertwined, interconnected and interwoven like a spiders web. The different systems don't compete with one another they complement each other to achieve balance, homeostasis, and health. One system is not the end all and be all.  Not the chakras, dantiens, acupoints, marma points, Zang Fu organs, meridians, 8 extraordinary channels, Lao, Sinew, Divergent channels etc. It's not so much about their differences but rather how they harmoniously communicate and integrate that is most important because it allows your physicality to be and you to live.

The dantiens and chakras are individual systems within the energetic matrix. They work harmoniously with one another like the different physical systems of the body, such as the respiratory and circulatory systems. The physical matrix can't be understood or diagnosed by studying 1 cell, organ, system or brain synapse (even though our western medical model is set up that way and we like to try too). In my clinic as a Doctor of Medical QiGong, it must be taken into consideration how all the different energetic systems interrelate and integrate with one another and how that energetic matrix is influenced by that persons unique Mind and their different life experiences.

Both the 3 dantiens and 7 chakras emanate from the TaiJi Pole which is the deepest energetic structure within the body. Its actually a hologram that reflects the Divine within the center core of your body/mind. The dantiens  overlay, encompass and are slightly deeper than the chakras. To use a metaphor the chakras are like geysers that connect the external Earth to the internal, the dantiens are the deep internal reservoirs or aquifers and the Tai ji pole is the emanating source.

Both the 3 dantiens and 7 chakras  extend out from center core of the Tai Ji pole through the body and out into the Wei Qi, aura or energetic fields. Both systems can be palpated and used to asses what is going on with someone. Some break up the Wei qi or aura into 7 fields to treat, which I find personally too complex.

In my clinic simplicity is power.  I utilize the depth and breath of the Daoists understanding of the energetic matrix by taking into account everything. I utilize the chakras and dantiens as well as many other energetic systems, most importantly I intuitively use my Shen.

When treating and how I sense it is that just like the interior, the dantiens encompass the chakras within the external fields.  Assessment wise the dantiens are more important because they are the reservoirs of your life force energy. If any are depleted then the treatment will be less effective
and healing virtually impossible no matter what energetic system is used.

I'm a Reiki Master and have experienced many different forms of energy work. For years before I became a D.M.Q I worked on people just utilizing the chakras but I intuitively knew there was more to it than just that. My search led me to Inner-Strength and Formless Daoism, where I began my Doctoral training with Dr. Ted Cibik. Through Medical QiGong and a living, breathing Master,  I truly began to understand the energetic matrix, not from an intellectual level but from a visceral, experiential and intuitive level.  There is so much depth and breath to it that it boggles my mind and baffles me how someone can proclaim to be able to treat people energetically with an online course, 1 day class or even 2 week intensive.  It's simply impossible because it's a life long learning process of inner self cultivation. 

In order to fully understand what you are feeling you need to be a clear vessel and channel which requires a daily, dedicated, disciplined self cultivation practice over many years before you're even ready to begin treating people. If one doesn't self cultivate first they will attract those who reflect their issues and more seriously they'll  simply be transferring their deviated Qi to their client which is horrible for the client and harmful to the practitioner.    

Many energetic systems taught today only deal with one small portion of the energetic matrix ie only the chakras or dantiens or acupoints. They tend to emphasize the newest, greatest, best, new technique, energetic recipe or cookie cutter formula without being able to feel Qi and without an appreciation and understanding of the depth and profundity of what they are teaching and doing. At that point they have lost the lineage. All new systems of energy healing usually stem from 2 sources, Ayurveda and Classical Chinese Medicine.

 No 1 is reinventing the wheel when it comes to energy medicine. Its been around for well over 8,000 years.  We should give respect to all the teachers, healers, shamans and warriors of all cultures  who dedicated their lives and in many cases died so this knowledge, wisdom and information could survive. When people aggrandize themselves for profit as the creator or inventor of an energetic system that utilizes elements of Ayurveda or Classical Chinese Medicine or Indigenous Medicine they lose the lineage and all the power that comes with that. Medical QiGong and more specifically, Classical Chinese Medicine, is the foundation of most modern day energetic systems including modern day TCM and acupuncture.  Anything that claims to be newly discovered usually takes 1 aspect of Classical Chinese Medicine, Indigenous Medicine or Ayurveda and puts their name on it claiming they created this great energetic system. 

 Medical QiGong is the root and foundation of Classical Chinese Medicine. It is a complete healthcare system incorporating the prevention and treatment of disease, with a primary emphasis on educating and actively teaching the patient how to empower themselves by learning tools to release stress and promote health and healing. In contrast most modern day, recently "invented"  energetic practices are just modalities.  In many cases, even though well intentioned, the person treating often becomes a drug substitute for their pharmaceuticals.  If all one wants is the client to return back to them over and over without training them to not need them at some point then it's an ego trip and a huge disservice to the client or patient.  

If one really wants to heal, feel whole, decompress, de-stress and learn about how energy truly works than take a cue from a Daoist and study how the Earth loves all life unconditionally, mimic it...then use the harmony of Mother Nature as your preacher and teacher. 

 Thank you Darren!

Darren Orr is a Doctor of Classical Chinese Medicine in Medical QiGong Therapy with a specialization in Dao-yin. He is currently training in ShenGong to be a Formless Daoist Priest. He is a Medical QiGong Master, nationally certified massage, bodywork and somatic therapist, Reiki Master, sound healer, Dao yoga, Dao Yin and meditation teacher. Darren is an A-Z practitioner specializing in life-altering illness, palliative care for the terminally ill, bereavement services for family, cancer, PTSD, fibromyalgia, addiction, mental/emotional imbalances, chronic pain and stress management as well as preventative medicine. CEU courses, lectures, workshops, seminars, classes, qi parties, and corporate wellness programs also available. Serving the tri-state area in a triangle from Philadelphia to NYC to Atlantic City Nj. Long Distance therapy also available.

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